Kink Sever Tire

Average User Rating: (Mediocre)
Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire Kink Sever Tire
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Don’t get these tires.

The Good:

Cheap, come in a few different colors and 2.4 is available. They also squeak sometimes but rarely. Also, I ran over a good chunk of glass and the tires were completely unfazed.

The Bad:

After about a month of park and really light street, these tires started losing grip which caused me to have a nasty fall.These tired are also VERY HEAVY and SUPER SLOW.

Overall Review:

If you want cheap tires then get Sunday Street Sweepers(amazing tire) or if you wanna spend a little more, bsd donnasqeaks are a great choice. I would most definitely NOT recommend these tires


Product Kink Sever Tire
Riding Type Freestyle
Bead Wire
Thread Count
Width 2.4"
Maximum Tire Pressure 60PSI
Wheel Size 20"
Suggested Tire Pressure (Optional)
Colors Black, White, Purple, Other (Gum)
Weight 32 lb 5 oz (14.7 kg)
Price N/A
Miscellaneous The Kink Sever tires feature a simple, yet stylish and effective low profile tread pattern that rolls fast while providing a ton of grip. The entire outer tread surface is micro-knurled which adds additional traction, fresh out of the box. The 2.4″ tire width and resilient rubber compound help soften hard landings for both the rider and the rims. Increased thickness in the side wall areas helps to prevent flats, and improves stability even when running lower tire pressures.
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