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2009 Haro F3 Bike

“Haro F3 White/blue Year unknown”

The Good:

Almost everything

The Bad:

Seat and small tires

Overall Review: I have this bike for more than 4 years and i started riding again after these 2 years. Now i am 15 and i love it. At the pump track could do with bigger wheels (i have 20"). I'm 6ft and it's still ok. For riding from point A to B you are gonna use it only for joy, becuse the seat is not very good, but you are not gonna use it for commuting of course. It's not that heavy as well. I would reccomend it for the first bmx. Sorry if my english is bad, i'm from Slovenia. I really like the bike.

Animal GLH Tire

“Great tires ”

The Good:

Heard they last long
Good grip
look good
still have skinny options

The Bad:

A bit heavy

Overall Review: These tires look and feel great but one thing is coming from demolition momentum's they do feel a bit heavy but its 100 percent worth it considering the looks and the great grip and durability.

Animal Rat Trap Pedals

“good pedals”

The Good:

big platform
durable pins
good grip
look good good color choices

The Bad:

nothing my favorite pedals I have had

Overall Review: These my are my pedals of choice because of the big platform and good grip makes it so you rarely slip an get the terrible shiners and durable pins that take a long time to wear down. Also very good colors.

Animal Foursome Handlebars

“best 4 piece bars”

The Good:

look beautiful
good geometry
clean welds
very durable so far

The Bad:

nothing at all

Overall Review: Best bars I've ever had they have held up perfectly for the 3 months i had them and almost got my bars down clean, also everybody compliments them 😎😎

Alienation TCS Felon Rim

“Alienation Felon TCS 36h Rim Review”

The Good:

Perfect spoke and nipple alignment, they're lighter than most rims, super strong and can handle anything from racing to trails or street and pools. I've had absolutely no problems with them. Also they're wide enough for any tire, I'm running an s&m mainline 2.40 up front with no problem. Previously ran Sun Envy rims which are also excellent btw just a bit too narrow for wider tires. I never tried running the felons tubeless or wanted to really, just having the option to one day do it was a cool feature.

The Bad:

Finding the air hole plugs the shop forgot to include. You have to plug the small air hole if you run tubes or you will get flats, even with rim strips. Contacted Alienation and they were of no help. The shop also couldn't help so poor customer service is my only complaint. Made my own plugs in the end.

Overall Review: 9/10 would be 10/10 if the plugs had been included. Still a 5 star rim in my opinion.

2018 Kink Liberty Bike

“Bought slightly used..”

The Good:
Almost everything..

The Bad:

Non alloy seat post..

Overall Review: Overall a great value..

2015 WeThePeople Arcade Bike

“Found specs”

The Good:

Looked around the internet and found these

The Bad:

hi-ten frame maybe, but depends on the rider

Overall Review: Found the specification of this bike: SPECIFICATIONS FRAME: 4130 crmo down tube, 1020 hi-ten FORK: SALT “AM” fork, 1020 hi-ten , 1pc formed crmo steerer, 33mm offset BARS: 1020 hi-ten GRIPS: WETHEPEOPLE Vex compound “Hilt” grips STEM: SALT “Pro” top loading stem, 50mm reach  HEADSET: SALT “PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing GYRO: no / holes for removable gyro tabs LEVER: SALT “Moto” alloy brake lever BRAKES: SALT “Moto” alloy u-brake rear CRANKS: SALT “AM” seamless tubular 3pc crank crmo 170mm, 8 Spline BB: SALT “Mid Size”, press fit, sealed bearing PEDALS: SALTPLUS “Stealth” loose ball, nylon/fibreglass pedals CHAIN: Read More »

Animal Mike Hoder 710 by KMC Chain

“Strong and solid”

The Good:

No pins popping out, heavy outer plates

The Bad:

Thinner weaker inner plates, the half link stiffens up leaving a stiff link tried using chain tools to fix but still persisted also halflink has a smaller distance so feels either too short or too long. Chain has a different length then a 510 slighly longer.

Overall Review: Not as great as i thought but no breaks or real issues. Switched back to 510hx and found the sweet spot on my dropouts. With no halflink With the 710 it felt short or too long so has a different spacing then the 510 regular full link types

Animal MR Top Load Stem

“Not bad one flaw”

The Good:

Everythings good

The Bad:

The hollow bolts will snap eventually especially if you tighten them hard

Overall Review: Looks cool and hasnt slipped but get solid bolts for it

Demolition Mugatu Sprocket

“Great sprocket as is”

The Good:

Chromoly construction

The Bad:

Nothing yet but a pain to install

Overall Review: Running it for a over a year and has barely any tooth wear except for black paint just starting to wear. Really sick just what you expect no more aluminum for me just wish it was in 30t as well