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Premium Products Skull Seat

“Not too bad”


The Good:

This seat looks incredible. I had the grey/black version and the design is beautiful. It put up with what I threw at it and didn't rip or tear. The picture has lasted as well.

The Bad:

It's not very comfortable. My ass did not like this seat very much. For a padded seat you could've fooled me.

Overall Review: <p>It's not bad if you don't sit much and want a seat that looks dope as fuck. </p>

2011 Verde Eon

“Decent, but not worth 300”


The Good:

Smooth ride, okay breaks

The Bad:

rough front wheel, tiny bars

Overall Review: <p>The bike is lightweight, but every time I ride off a curb the rim makes a pop noise. First thing I'd upgrade are the tires and the bars because the bars are TINY. </p>

Demolition Dennis Enarson Rig Handlebars

“Top Quality and Killer Paint”


The Good:

Paint, Feel, Strength, Decal Design

The Bad:

Nothing bad to report.

Overall Review: <p>I picked up the 9.5" rise Rig Bars at Pusher in Denver, October of 2017, for $68 (an average price for quality bars.) I chose the Black Jacket finish because yellow is my favorite color and I dig the splatter paint finish.  My reasons for choosing the Rig Bars were limited to the rise, the finish, and the crossbar decal.  I didn't give much thought to the sweep angles or weight.  I did cut the width of the bars down by about 1.25".  What can I say?  They look and feel awesome.  I've had a few gnarly spills where the bars took a direct impact and the paint has held up fantastically.  The tubing is strong and dent resistant as well.  Because I have zero complaints, I give the Rig Bars a solid five-star rating.  Strong work, Demolition. </p>

Tall Order Wallride Tire

“i think its meh”


The Good:

love the look has decent grip

The Bad:

very low profile. only had them for about a month and aal the profile is gone.
almost no grip when wet

Overall Review: <p>i love the look and hoped to get way more life out of these tyres, they only lasted me a month and for what i spend on them its just not wotht it </p>

Duo Brand Cranmer Grips

“My Favorites”


The Good:

Grippy, soft compound, horizontal pattern.

The Bad:

Soft compound, hard to find.

Overall Review: <p>I've had six pairs of these, and I've only worn out one pair. The soft compound is grippy, but since it is soft it does wear down faster than other grips would. I would recommend these, assuming you can find them, but if you want durability I'd go with the Duo Doyles. </p>

The Make Death Hand Stem

“Make Stem Subpar”


The Good:

Looks good , light .

The Bad:

No CNC cutout for flush topcap , handlebars ALWAYS slip , not sure if I ended up grabbing a defective stem but I have to tighten the bolts every 3 or 4 rides , I’ve taken grease out of the bolt threads in hopes it would help but still no luck .

Overall Review: <p>I made a thread and the buddy below me recommend this stem , he also has 9.5 bars which I ride . I trusted his review and word and got this on sale for cheap . This stem is super light but constantly slips , handlebars and on the steerer tube . It almost seemed as if the bore for the steerer tube was too big even . Had to tighten it to the point it almost pinched to get it to stay on . Handlebars constantly slip , even when properly tightened . Pretty bummed I spent money on this , can get something a lot better for less . I’ve had basic Salt stems that were better . Wouldn’t even sell this stem to friends . It isn’t the worst , again maybe it was just my stem being defective , but I won’t be buying any Make Products again based off this stem  </p>

2012 Eastern Bikes Axis Bike

“Good in 2018”


The Good:


The Bad:

Low bar height corrected by flipping stem

Overall Review: <p>Bought this bike second hand end of 2017, hardly used. Flipped the stem to give the bars some rise. Amazingly strong bike. Rigid ass cromo. Love it.. im 100 kgs and its perfect. Handles well and cab take a beating. Cassette sounds beastly.  </p>

2017 Sunday Forecaster Bike

“Awesome bike”


The Good:

Everything so far gotta get used to tht freecoaster though

The Bad:

Nothing so far

Overall Review: <p>over all this bike is amazing rides really good removable breaker mounts is sic  </p>