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Volume Bermuda V2 Frame

“Thee Best Volume frame ”


The Good:

So I’ve had this frame for about 5 months . Been putting it to test , and boy Volume doesn’t disappoint . The frame has the perfect specs for an “all around” frame , although I mostly ride street / plaza . The stable angles help with everything . The welds are quality ( and I’ve spent 5000$ on school to become a welder , I know good from bad ) , the tubing is perfect , it’s stiff and has no flex ; I’ve just learnt switch hard 180’s and this frames rear rear end didn’t have any play . The dropouts are 7mm thick and virtually indestructible , I’ve pinched S&M dropouts before and these have held up amazing , to even more abuse . I’ve got one of the Hot for Teacher colourways , which only 50 were made ! Also , the frame has tensioners which is a dream , and the rear end will easily fit a 2.4 tire , probably a 2.5 inflated.

The Bad:

Nothing bad , but newer Volume frames have all been 5mm or 4mm dropouts ... not sure why they’d go from a frame with 7mm dropouts with tensioners to 4mm without them . I’d buy another Volume frame and that’s actually my plan with the new Voyager colourways , but if they had tensioners that frame would literally be a 10/10 . That’s why I’m so stoked on this frame .

Overall Review: <p>Read above , ,these are a bit older but if you find one new or used , get one . They are sick .</p>

2017 Colony Premise Bike

“Amazing beginner bike”


The Good:

Full crmo, fully sealed, feels great.

The Bad:

The brakes need to be tightened or the splitter smacks the frame (mine did anyways), doesn't have the most comfy grips, and would be nice if it was double gusseted

Overall Review: <p>Its a great bike, I would reccomend to anybody! </p>

Kink Wright Tire

“Not as good as expectation”


The Good:

They are very grippy on park and generally on the streets

The Bad:

Very low profile, no grip on dirt, at all. Thin sidewalls, destroyed in less than a month grinding metal and concrete (days on the street in reality).

Overall Review: <p>Is a good tire if you're not actually grinding, at all, or riding dirt ramps </p>

2011 DK Opsis Bike

“The long haul from factoy specs to now years later and upgraded”


The Good:

I been riding this all factory up to last year when I broke the clutch gear ring. Upgrades are east coaster hub on atlas 2 rim and 25t shadow sprocket and animal glh 2.10 tires lightened overall weight 26.6lbs

The Bad:

Crappy back hub. Good for cheap starter. Seat post too long chopped an inch off

Overall Review: <p>Great for price on a starter. Few upgrades and it's dialed in  </p>

Total BMX Hangover H2 Frame

“Feels really good to ride”


The Good:

Very responsive, pretty stable for such a low standover, still feels great to ride in 19.8 even though im 5'9 foot tall.

The Bad:

Nothing really, it's a great frame

Overall Review: <p>Getting the switch from a 9" standover to 7.3" was quite a shock. At first it feels like when you pedal you'll hit the ground with your pedals, but its easy to get used to. Spins are so much easier and the frame is nice and light. Manuals are actually really easy as long as you stay quite low and its just overall a very responsive frames. The first air on a ramp felt really weird but that's because i changed from a street frame to a park frame. It feels amazing on the ramps and it feels really solid, probably due to being double butted at certain points. Would recommend to anyone who likes park frames  </p>

2018 Blank Diablo Bike

“Absolutely Need to have This !!!”


The Good:

Superb finish on this full 4130 frame
Completely brakeless option

The Bad:

Don't really see any

Overall Review: <p>Full maxed out build on a quality 100% cr-mo frameset. The finish on the red model is absolutely mint. The aftermarket skull saddle looks the business. </p>

S&M Passero Grips

“Quality grips from an outstanding company”


The Good:

Comfy, good design, grips great. I had a good experience with these grips.

The Bad:

Lasted me about a year, so not really a bad.

Overall Review: <p>I like the option to run these 2 different ways - I prefer to grip the triangles instead of the shield. </p>