Latest Product Reviews


Primo JJ Pedals

“I like them ”


The Good:

Super grippy and long lasting the chromo spindle is cool aswell

The Bad:

Nothing really

Overall Review: <p>I got my set used so I was a little skeptical about them but after a few rides I have no complaints  </p>

Sunday Freeze Topload Stem

“Awesome stem”


The Good:

Last long my friend had it before I did for 4 years and it didn't slip on him once

The Bad:

I've got nothing, at first 4 years ago I wasn't really into it because I preferred front loads but having it now I can't complain

Overall Review: <p>If you want a top load stem that will last you a long time this is the stem for you the wide ranges of colors to make it great for different color way options  </p>

Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Sprocket

“Long lasting ”


The Good:

Teeth are great after the last couple years of my friend and then me riding it has still held up great the paint just is awesome as well has really held up nicely I've got it in white and even tho it's been worked in its still looks good when cleaned up

The Bad:

It gets a bit close to the chainstay which is kinda of annoying but easy to fix with a spacer

Overall Review: <p>If they came back out with these I'd buy a fresh one in a new color it's a cool design </p>

Redline Monster Cranks Cranks

“4 years and running ”


The Good:

they've lasted this long

The Bad:

maybe weight if that bugs you

Overall Review: <p>i got these in 2015 and sold them the same year only to buy them back 3 years later lol although discontinued they were built to last if you come across them dont worry about them </p>

Cult Vans x Cult Waffle Grips

“awesome grips ”


The Good:

comfy and not hard on the hands at all i haven't had them for to long (about 2 months) but they've been great so far

The Bad:

nothing so far ill update as time goes on

Overall Review: <p>Great price, comfortable and made by odi really cant complain </p>

Animal Animal x Terrible One Tire

“Best Tires I’ve Ridden”


The Good:

Keeping this short but these have been the best tires I’ve ridden . You can trust these tires . They grip everything and slide when you want them too. I haven’t slipped out on anything I normally expect my tires to slip out on . Including slick wood . The design is super smooth , good for street and park .

Durability is insane , I’ve have mine for a year now and they’re just showing signs of wear after hundreds of kilometres on them . Sliders too , doesnt wear down the tread

The Bad:

Slightly heavy , 2.2 size is more like a 2.2 ( run 2.2 back and 2.4 front and they’re about the same )

Overall Review: <p>Buy these and you won’t be disappointed </p>

Volume DeMarcus Paul War Horse Frame

“Awesome street frame”


The Good:

Super responsive street frame

The Bad:

nothing, awesome frame

Overall Review: <p>Bought this frame to try out a frame with more street geometery and i was not disappointed. Missed multiple crank arms with no damage to the frame other than cosmetic. Decided to sell due to liking a more relaxed style. If you like street/ responsive frames this will do you great. </p>

Volume Bermuda V2 Frame

“Dialed frame”


The Good:


The Bad:

Nothing, awesome price awesome frame

Overall Review: <p>Originally bought in trans gold but due to avaliabilty albes offered me the limited edition red hot for teacher colorway. Have had this frame for over a year at this point and bought 2 others during the same time but keep coming back to this one. Great geometry, not super laid out like a trail from but not twitchy like a street frame. You get this frame if you are riding street one day and then blasting trails the next. i am not the smoothest rider and i have bailed and nailed tubes of this frame on metal coping with zero dents. Great price for a great frame, volume is the shit when it comes to bmx,  </p>

Eclat AK Pedals

“Best pedal yet!”


The Good:

Durable, simple, interchangeable bodies, universal bodies, metal pins when plastic pins wear down, no bearings, lifetime warranty axle, grippy, not too grippy, large platform

The Bad:

Pretty expensive initially, heavier than most pedals I've tried

Overall Review:

Easily the most solid and best designed pedals Ive ever used. I recommend taking ALL the metal pins out and wearing through the plastic pins first. Replace the steel pins once you have worn the plastic pins down to the body. You will get a lot more use out of the pedal bodies this way and the pedals wont be too grippy initially. The pedals have no bearings and just have one bolt holding everything in place. The bolt is easily accessible ftom the outside. No annoying caps to remove and small sockets to adjust the pedals. The pedals come with a rubber o-ring pre-installed to prevent the pedals from spinning when you are doing tricks Read More »