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Verde Cartel Kiraly Frame

“The Verde Cartel Frame is AWESOME!!”


The Good:

I love everything about this frame from the way it looks to the way it rides... The Frames geometry is perfect,and this frame is solid as a rock,and I Still ride it Daily...

The Bad:

Nothing bad to say!!

Overall Review: <p>If I could give this frame 10 stars I Would... In My opinion It is one of the best Frames that Verde has ever made.. Perfect color,perfect geometry,perfect design,and solid as a rock. 1 Awesome frame for sure!! </p>
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Vital BMX member BMX4LIFER
135282 BMX4LIFER /images/default/avatar/c50.png,135282/all 06/01/16 8 75 2

FBM Nice Nylon Pedals

“Nice pedals (see what I did there?)”


The Good:

Decent grip, slide well, last a good amount of time compared to other nylon pedals

The Bad:

They aren't gnurled at all, so with waffle soles your feet do move about a little still. The pins give a good grip though

Overall Review: <p>I wore down to the bearing on a pair of nylon odyssey twisted pedals at my favourite spot in one ride. I've been there a few times with these and there's still plenty of life on the sliding side (I only slide on one side of my pedals, so I've always got a grippy side). I was expecting them to wear quicker. The only thing I don't really like is the lack of gnurling, meaning your feet do still have a bit of movement, but that will depend on the sole of your shoe too</p>
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Vital BMX member grumpySteve
123538 grumpySteve,123538/all 11/01/15 10 2 46 4406 1 4 1

BSD Safari Pedals

“Best pedals i have ever had”


The Good:

Very grippy
has 20 pins instead of 9
Bearings are great
Large platform Looks great

The Bad:

Nothing at all!

Overall Review: <p>These pedals are amazing for me, they are really grippy and have a large platform with great bearings </p>
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Vital BMX member mrbmxerforlife112
119646 mrbmxerforlife112,119646/all 06/30/15 2 100 243 2 2

BSD Front Street Front Hub

“Bsd frontstreet pro”


The Good:

Looks very nice.
Bolts that come with it are strong
Has the option for Hub Guards

The Bad:

I had this hub for a year and within the first month the bearings had already worn out, i figured it wasnt that big of a deal because id been smashing smith grinds constantly for a week but i got new bearings from my local bearing shop and they also popped close to a month, ended up going through 7 sets of bearings and I guess they could have all been dodgy but the hub might need bigger bearings.
The guards that came with it bend a deformed very easy, within a month, I replaced them after since they were rubbing on spokes and stopping the wheel from moving smoothly but they didnt last much longer. I dont mash hubguards either my current wheel (cinema vx front) has barely any dents or chunks out of the guards. Might just be me but 2 of my friends had the same problem.
Bolts binded to the hub even with grease, same with the cone nuts.

Overall Review: <p>My experience has been bad with bearings but the axle hasnt broken. I have hammered the wheel and the axle has held up, very impressive but apart from that it seems to be personal problems with the hub as the other reviews said their hubs were flawless. </p>

BSD Giraffic Handlebars

“Bsd Reed Stark Giraffic Bars”


The Good:

-Very comfortable bars
-Good for barspins
-Pretty strong
-look stunning
-Stickers have lasted a while

The Bad:

nothing yet

Overall Review: <p>Had these bars for a solid year and a half, have had a tonne of crashes on these and thrown my bike a fair bit. These bars have been fantastic for me, I've sent these down a 10 stair a handful of times and even dropped if off a roof on accident but they have held up. Mine have developed a slight offset on the right but thats because im a little bitch who throws his bike. Would recommend these to anybody whose just broken their bars or bent a pair. </p>

Stolen Talon Cranks

“same problem 3rd person”


The Good:

they look cool wish they fit

The Bad:

tried pressing the cranks on for quite some time, grease and everything but they hardly moved.

Overall Review: <p>hoping to exchange for something that fits. called dans comp they reffered me to stolen but havent been able to get ahold of them. This seems like a common issue</p>

2013 Kink Barrier Bike

“Love my kink!”


The Good:

4130 frame, nice fork, light seat, fat 2.3 kink lyra tires last pretty long, double walled alienation black sheep rims, fully sealed front and back hubs, nice red color, strong cranks

The Bad:

Bars were too small, got 8.75 rise chrome bars for a replacement. Sprocket bent, chain stretched, bad headset and bottom bracket. Got shadow serpent sprocket, the kmc kool chain, eclat campy spec headset, & kink BB kit for replacements. Grips also wear out quick. Upgrades the pedals to stolen thermolite pedals. And can't run pegs on back axle which sucks

Overall Review: <p>Feels great in my hands</p>

FBM CB4K's 16" Fork

“16" fbm forks! ”


The Good:

Made in the USA. 4130. If your kid goes big. Why trust the complete bike forks.

The Bad:

Nadda. My son has loved them so far. 8 months so far

Overall Review: <p>Awesome fork. I don't have to worry about my kid snapping his fork.</p>

Stolen Talon Cranks

“These cranks are awful”


The Good:

Absolutely nothing

The Bad:


Overall Review: <p>I know I am going to sound like the guy below, but I feel the same way. The spindle would go into the crank arm, but only a very minuscule amount. I had used plenty of grease and had worked at it for hours. As a result of this malfunction, I am looking to return them. This may be seen as a coincidence, but I beg to differ. </p>