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2017 Kink Solace (Tony Hamlin Signature) Bike

“Bike is worth it”


The Good:

I had a bama frame and 2.2 tires. This bike is freaking great, even though my last bike was decent, this bike is honestly GREAT. The thing rolls crazy. Brakes are solid. It is silent , no clicking. The head angle is awesome, so easy to turn. The bike does nose wheelies predictably. Seriously it's like I just want to pedal around because the bike fits me so nice! I'm 31" inseam, 5'9" tall. Runs the tires low, and it's simply a better BMX than available years ago, for sure. Blissful to just pedal around, no bullshit.

The Bad:

Costs mad money.

Overall Review: <p>I'm saying, it's worth spending the dough.  The short rear end, the short fork offset, the steep head angle, the good brakes.  It all adds up to a much better bike!  It's really dialed!!!  I never had brakes before, and it's so fun to learn manuals and jump bigger stuff without nearly as much worry.  Brakes make it safe!  Bar is perfect too, not too swept back, it's just amazing, the whole bike is so damned refined!!  It's worth the money for real!  Just get one </p>

Colony Official Stem

“My bars dont slip.”


The Good:

Looks, materials, hardware, color options, top and front load options

The Bad:

Knee killer

Overall Review: <p>My bars no longer slip, super solid feeling one of the few 7075 t6 aluminum stems. Wear knee pads! </p>

Demolition Mugatu Sprocket

“Best sprocket ... ever?”


The Good:

-Steel is real
-Spline drive

The Bad:

There are only 4 variations: 24mm/19mm 25t/28t

Overall Review: <p>Beats me why more sprockets aren't made from steel, but I guess that planned obsolence is present in BMX as well. Anyway, I'll never run other sprockets than mugatu! </p>

Cult Butter V2 Frame

“Piece of shit please dont waist your money ”


The Good:

Nothing what so ever.

The Bad:

I snapped both the dropouts in 2 mounths of hard park riding i did a fat flare then kink the the back wheel wasn't on the frame no more lmao just dont get cult frames

Overall Review: <p>Piece of shit...............................................................................nothing more </p>

2016 Haro Leucadia Bike

“I owned an older version ”


The Good:

Cheap, solid

The Bad:

Geometry is not great for street imo, hi-ten, heavy, short bars,

Overall Review: <p>As I said , I owned an older version but Its almost exactly the same besides color choices.  I cant say I recommend this bike, it didnt do anything particularly well besides be kinda cheap.  </p>

BSD Safari Seat

“Slim is uncomfortable”


The Good:

Looks, affordable, lightweight

The Bad:

Slim version is not comfyp

Overall Review: <p>I bought it for cheap and expected nothing from it but my butt would like more padding on the slim version. Would have preferred the fat style but was not within my budget since it was not on sale. I outlined the brown splotches with a pen to make the colors pop more. </p>

Eclat Torch Seatpost

“Awesome seatpost”


The Good:

Length options, colors, finish, design, offset options!,

The Bad:

Kinda hard to screw your pivotal seat on

Overall Review: <p>Easily one of those upgrades that just makes sense after you stumble upon it. The offset models are great and give you extra cockpit space if you feel your seat hitting your legs all the time. Also puts you a bit further back to make sitting and pedaling a bit easier.  I bought 2 i liked it so much! Makes it seem like your top tube is about a half inch longer. Solid peice </p>

Stolen Implant Headset

“Useless dust cover”


The Good:


The Bad:

Price, dust cover would be better left out and cost reduced

Overall Review: <p>A headset is a headset pretty much, i have only blown one set out before. These bearings seem to be of good quality but that rubber cover is a joke. Just leave it out and make the set cheaper imo. </p>