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BSD Donnasqueak Tire

“Decent in the street.”


The Good:

Grippy, good even on dirt
Last you what you would expect from a tyre
Better with the punctures than the average
No problems with the side wall. They do squeak, people say they dont, you just need the right type of surface!

The Bad:

Not the fastest, definitely not the slowest
A few cuts and nacs in parts

Overall Review: <p>So I bought this tyre, not for the squeak cos thats a bit sad, but first off they do squeak, people are complaining that they dont but thats probably because they can't 180 or dont have the right type of surface. So its a lower tpi tyre, so you would expect longer wear time, in which this definitely reaches that. And due to the lower tpi, you dont get the highest speeds but really not a product kill and ive only had one puncture, a thorn but I cant see much tyres stopping that because I had a branch jammed between the wheel and the forks. Everything else is good, Except there are a few tiny holes wear the tyre has somehow opened, its tiny so you wont really notice it. Also, the grip is great aswell, never slipped out. It did have that weird coating when i first got it. </p>
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Vital BMX member chesterhilly
146810 chesterhilly,146810/all 02/17/17 2 5 52 2

Cult VANS Grips

“Decent grips”


The Good:

Look good great color options great design good grip

The Bad:

Material is super soft and wears out really quick

Overall Review: <p>decent grips </p>

2016 Verde A\V

“Terrible not good”


The Good:

Cool colors

The Bad:

Bottom bracket broke within first month of beginner riding

Overall Review: <p>Do not make the mistake I did and buy this bike if you plan on riding bmx and putting the bike through heck. But if you want a good looking bike to cruise around town with this is it </p>

2017 Kink Gap XL Bike

“old/mid school rider getting back into the game”


The Good:

i like the geometry of the frame and the big ass tires i always wanted bigger tires back in the early 2000's and now they are building the forks and rear chainstays for it and that is really awesome!

The Bad:

i bought the bike knowing it had the just chromoly main frame, but still dont like the fact that its not 100%.....i ride pegs and im usually 90% park rider so i dont get burly with dropping hard on my pegs, with that being said, the front fork drop outs are caving in on me, what happened to the nice thick 1/4 " drop outs? i dont care how much weight you are trying to lose, thats an area you should not skimp on.....also because of this,,, my front axle is bent,, because of my front axle being bent, now my front hub is loose, and sounds like shit, i had to buy new wheels, also taking the tires off to switch i noticed the rims are not double this is where i said jesus this is bad i did a cranked turndown over a hip, and when i landed the bars pushed forward,,,making my jam into the stem and my chest getting slammed into the stem......i just got done re doing the stem the last time i rode so i know i had the stem cranked tight, withe that being said i think the stem is getting replaced with my old fit stem that had never let any of my bars slip,

Overall Review: <p>over all i give the kink bike the glory of making it look like you have a really nice bike, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for and i skimped out because i wanted a really nice bike but didnt want to pay a im stuck replacing the wheels, stem and later on the frame, i will not be buying any kink stuff any more and will be sticking to s&amp;m or another bike company that will help with doing good quality work </p>
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Vital BMX member thedb63
152152 thedb63,152152/all 06/07/17 1

BSD Front Street Front Hub

“best hub i have rode”


The Good:

axles dont bend even with alot of abuse. bearings spin forever pretty cheap

The Bad:

its bsd what could be bad...

Overall Review: <p>Great hub axles are very strong bearings spin forever pretty cheap for what you get and bsd is just the best anyway haha... </p>
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Vital BMX member jake_united
113636 jake_united,113636/all 12/07/14 2 31 3

Colony Rear Freecoaster Wheels

“Not bad for the price”


The Good:

decent rim and the freecoaster is good

The Bad:

spokes come loose easy

Overall Review: <p>good wheel cheapest freecoaster on the market but the spokes come loose after 2 rides. still recommend it. </p>
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Vital BMX member jake_united
113636 jake_united,113636/all 12/07/14 2 31 3

2017 Colony Sweet Tooth Pro Bike

“Great has some flaws”


The Good:

light, strong wheels, stylish

The Bad:

no name cranks, no name bars

Overall Review: <p>Awesome bike. Super light. I've had it six months and barely bent the rims with some hard abuse. Also, the cranks will pop loudly sometimes. Otherwise, this bike really feels super awesome. I would buy it again. </p>
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Vital BMX member Pete Kostin
144823 Pete Kostin,144823/all 12/14/16 21 34 1

2011 Eastern Bikes Ramrodder Bike

“excellent starter bike”


The Good:

-can take a beating
-can easily fix with basic tools
-long lasting tires

The Bad:

-has a VERY bendable sprocket.
-the hub does loosen over time (can be fixed with a bike wrench or a bike shop)
-it is heavy, but that's expected.

Overall Review: <p>I got this bike in 4/20/2011 for a starter it had cost me at the time $330.24 with tax. this bike is an excellent first starter for anyone trying to get into BMX. I have bashed this thing to death but it still works. however, I did replace some parts after a bad crash on the sprocket ( i jumped it and it landed right on the sprocket, I'm surprised it stayed in one piece) so I replaced it with a salt pro t-6 alloy sprocket and a kmc 510 chain. </p>
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Vital BMX member merk20
150850 merk20,150850/all 05/19/17,150850/setup 4 14 2

Kink International Frame

“Its pretty good!”


The Good:

Its been in use since 2012 and still going today! perfect chainstay and seatube height! Lightweight!

The Bad:

Has gotten quite a few dents in it and i wish the head tube was steeper.

Overall Review: <p>Ive been riding this frame for a long while and never knew the name of it. lol. Fibally figured it out and I've got to hand it to Kink! This frame is still going strong today and has almost no issues beside scratches and a few dents. </p>
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Vital BMX member MUDDYCCTV
149920 MUDDYCCTV,149920/all 05/06/17 11 76 1