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BSD Front Street Front Hub

“best hub i have rode”


The Good:

axles dont bend even with alot of abuse. bearings spin forever pretty cheap

The Bad:

its bsd what could be bad...

Overall Review: <p>Great hub axles are very strong bearings spin forever pretty cheap for what you get and bsd is just the best anyway haha... </p>

Colony Rear Freecoaster Wheels

“Not bad for the price”


The Good:

decent rim and the freecoaster is good

The Bad:

spokes come loose easy

Overall Review: <p>good wheel cheapest freecoaster on the market but the spokes come loose after 2 rides. still recommend it. </p>

2017 Colony Sweet Tooth Pro Bike

“Great has some flaws”


The Good:

light, strong wheels, stylish

The Bad:

no name cranks, no name bars

Overall Review: <p>Awesome bike. Super light. I've had it six months and barely bent the rims with some hard abuse. Also, the cranks will pop loudly sometimes. Otherwise, this bike really feels super awesome. I would buy it again. </p>

2011 Eastern Bikes Ramrodder Bike

“excellent starter bike”


The Good:

-can take a beating
-can easily fix with basic tools
-long lasting tires

The Bad:

-has a VERY bendable sprocket.
-the hub does loosen over time (can be fixed with a bike wrench or a bike shop)
-it is heavy, but that's expected.

Overall Review: <p>I got this bike in 4/20/2011 for a starter it had cost me at the time $330.24 with tax. this bike is an excellent first starter for anyone trying to get into BMX. I have bashed this thing to death but it still works. however, I did replace some parts after a bad crash on the sprocket ( i jumped it and it landed right on the sprocket, I'm surprised it stayed in one piece) so I replaced it with a salt pro t-6 alloy sprocket and a kmc 510 chain. </p>

Kink International Frame

“Its pretty good!”


The Good:

Its been in use since 2012 and still going today! perfect chainstay and seatube height! Lightweight!

The Bad:

Has gotten quite a few dents in it and i wish the head tube was steeper.

Overall Review: <p>Ive been riding this frame for a long while and never knew the name of it. lol. Fibally figured it out and I've got to hand it to Kink! This frame is still going strong today and has almost no issues beside scratches and a few dents. </p>

2017 Haro Downtown Bike

“Great starting bike”


The Good:

Very strong and hasnt gave me and extreme problems

The Bad:

The hubs aren't sealed and the rims are nit double wall so if you buy upgrade them....

Overall Review: <p>Its a start to real bmx riders but dont ride it to hard without upgrading your back hub atleast</p>

Mission Transit Cranks

“Stay away, real riding test”


The Good:

Price...that's the only thing

The Bad:

Everything else

Overall Review:

I was low on cash on my last build. Saw them and thought I would run them for 3months and then have the money for Profiles (my cranks of choice). 1 week, they kept getting loose at the pinch bolt. Put some really good thread lock on the bolts and they seemed ok. 2 weeks, constantly creaking. Took them apart and didn't see anything at first. The issue was small, but no fixable. The spindle was just a mm or so too small so the crank arm creaked under load. That's a manufacturing error but for the price I didn't call. 4 weeks, cracked the non drive arm at the pinch bolt. I am pretty smooth but I do alot of gaps and high ledges. I Read More »

Subrosa Grave Digger Tire

“Good for dirt”


The Good:

Surprisingly grippy. Thick for what it is worth. If you land on yard rocks you'll be more likely to roll out rather than take the impact. Able to sort of plow through dirt and roll over misc items.

The Bad:

Slower than street tires on street (but this is a given). NOT the best for park. Good for what it's designed for.

Overall Review:

I had this as a front wheel tire. It lasted me as long as my rear street tire did. I rode street and park. I ended up getting some aggressive flats on street. This is not intended for street/park. Don't get it twisted, a street/park tire will suit you far better than the Gravedigger will. This is designed mainly for dirt. Whenever I landed on non-smooth terrain this helped save my ass because it helped me stick landings and roll out. At parks it did more of the opposite and transitition was more of a risk. You can get away with it for street but the tread is so aggressive you'd want this tire for mainly off road shit, Read More »