Latest Product Reviews


2017 WeThePeople Crysis Bike

“My friend owns this bike”


The Good:

Quality, size, looks mean, chromoly, tires, bars, cassette, sound, female front hub, comes wjth pefs and hub guards, comes with brakes, color is awesome, comfy seat, pretty light

The Bad:


Overall Review: <p>My friend has had this bike for a while, I have had so many aftermarket parts fail on me in the time hes had this bike and he has not had to replace one part as of yet. He crashes fairly often and his bike has slammed hard on concrete many times. No significant damage other than cosmetic surface scratches. Definitely would recommend this bike to a new or experienced rider. </p>

Kink Bedlam Sprocket

“Simple high quality sprocket”


The Good:

7075 t6 aluminum, 23t option! Thick.

The Bad:

Only one mounting hole.

Overall Review: <p>I love the 23t version! Helps with knee problems! Great for hills! Simple design but nothing super spectacular in the looks dept. Handles grinding abuse well, pretty thick and would buy another. </p>

Sunday Street Sweeper Frame

“Incredible quality”


The Good:

Quality, geo, welds, chain tensioners, durability, dent resistance, color choices, thick dropouts, gyro tab-able, removeable brake hardware, WARRANTY!

The Bad:

Wish they made like a 22" tt or a 21.75" or something, harder to learn manuals on imo

Overall Review: <p>My riding and confidence instantly imporved when I switched to this frame. I no longer worry about bending, cracking or breaking something.  Highly recommended! </p>

Eclat Mirage Tire

“Light tires!”


The Good:

Light, good looks

The Bad:

Seem to not grip as well as my last tires, wish they made larger options. The 2.35 looks like a 2.1 when inflated to 80psi, price

Overall Review: <p>I like these tires but I seem to slide out more than I used to with my last set of tires. I got the kevlar bead tires and it makes my entire ride feel so much easier to maneuver. I would recommend them to anyone wanting light tires but the price is a bit steep... 2018 Edit: After having ridden these tires for a longer bit of time, they have broken in and become more grippy on almost every surface. I still wish they made larger options but it bothers me less than it did in the past. They are very durable and still grind better than previous tires. I have bought another set so I have some waiting when these fail. They also perform decently on hard packed dirt. </p>

Eclat Slash Alloy Pedals

“I liked them...”


The Good:

Design, slim, grippy

The Bad:

Heavy, bearings blow easily

Overall Review: <p>Had these pedals after trying my friends plastic version slash pedals. Loved them while they were new. Crashed the very first time and the pedals couldnt be fixed. They were all loose and noisy. Took them apart and tried tightening the nuts. Ran out of thread on the axle... </p>

Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt Bar Ends

“Cool colors and awesome design!”


The Good:

Color choice, durable, pretty lightweight, good hardware

The Bad:

Sometimes they pop out, i was riding on flat ground one time and my left bar end shot out like 5ft lol.

Overall Review: <p>I really like these bar ends, i got the copper stained looking color and it went well with my them at the time. I have since painted them black. Cool bar ends </p>

Mission Reflex Brakes

“Nice U-brakes”


The Good:

Decent price, quality, color choices

The Bad:

Had clearance issue with larger tires, ended up filing them down a bit so my tire wouldnt rub.

Overall Review: <p>I like these brakes and still run them on my current main bike. I have some odyssey springfeilds that are waiting to be used but I see no reason to switch out my missions just yet. </p>

Odyssey Hazard Lite Cassette Wheel

“Cool wheel!”


The Good:

Engagement feels solid, design is dead simple, pawls have individual springs, left or right hand drive in the same hub, satisfying sound

The Bad:

Has slipped 3 times in the 2 months ive owned it.

Overall Review: <p>In the bad section I marked it slipped 3 times in two months. This is not what I would consider "bad" but my expectations were that it would not slip at all... i love this wheel and I feel it will last me a long time! </p>

Odyssey Highway Handlebars

“Good taller bars!”


The Good:

Relatively tall, decently light, warranty, geo is perfect for me

The Bad:


Overall Review: <p>I love these bars, the geometry feels great to me and they are super solidand i have full confidence in them. </p>