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Redline Smoothie Pegs Pegs


<p>This product sucks.At the begining of the summer,a good friend of mine gave me this peg because i made a street bike.that was on like end of july begining of august and now its november 7 thurr and that peg is toalli grinded down.when i need to change my tire tube(redline peg is on the back) i hav to bend the tips of the peg cuz its grinded inn.This is a ok temporairy but not one that u can think thatll it last long it wont. if ur like me and u love to ride ur bike from sun up to sun down u will not get this peg. its ok as a backup for a while but not GOOD!!!</p>

Odyssey 41 Thermal Cranks Cranks


<p>These cranks suck. I never even had to use the crank tool, EVER. The arms just slid on super easy and never stayed tight. I hate these cranks. One star for the great warranty. Check the Wombolts, now those are good.</p>

Animal Jump-Off Stem Stem


<p>I´ve had this stem for a year and it dosen´t slip AT ALL. I threw my bike once and when the bars hit the ground, one of the front bolts snapped. So I had only 3 bolts left and still did all my normal riding and it didn´t slip. When I got home I just simoly removed the broken bolt threads, put a new bolt in a it´s good!</p>

Odyssey Reloader Rear Rear Hub


<p>I´ve ridden that freecoaster for a year and besides snapping an axle, it works great. If you want more slack, open it up and remove the small washer next to the top hat looking washer. Besides that it never engages incorrectly or anything. I just wish Odyssey would carry parts for it. Anyway, it´s discontinued so ODYSSEY please come out with a new hub soon! -BMXICAN</p>