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  • Vicente Candel: Valencia Sessions
    Vicente Candel: Valencia Sessions

    In addition to being one of BMX's biggest personalities off of his bike, Valencia, Spain's Vicente Candel is an absolute beast on it. Don't let the epic facial hair and brilliant fashion sense confuse you - Vicente is the real deal. Watch him destroy street spots on his home turf and rejoice!

    Posted by kylecarlson on 9/8/2015 10:26 AM

  • Spain Split: Javi Castilla and Jaime Gonzalez
    Spain Split: Javi Castilla and Jaime Gonzalez

    Two of Spain's best street riders team up for some solid riding on beautiful Spanish spots for the lens of video guy / spot guru Fernando Gomarin Olaiz. Take warning - you'll probably be booking a trip to Spain shortly after watching this.

    Posted by kylecarlson on 8/31/2015 1:00 PM