Justin Gautreau

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  • Lil Juice for Cult (video)

    Insane riding in Louisiana and California by Cult young gun Lil Juice. 540s down big sets and a detailed report on how to broil crawfish! This dude is nuts...

    Posted by kylecarlson on 5/3/2018 9:43 AM

  • Cultoween 2017 Highlights (video)

    This is probably the best riding in ridiculous costumes you're going to see this year. Riders include Dakota Roche, Vick Behm, The Joker, Sean Ricany, a hotdog, Lil' Juice, and many more.

    Posted by kylecarlson on 11/1/2017 5:58 AM

  • FLBMX Series: Drop In Skatepark Highlights (video)

    The Florida scene is tight-knit and packed full of shredders. Their FLBMX contest series is always on the move and doing its part to spread the good word of BMX. This past weekend's stop was at Drop In Skatepark in Boca Raton and featured top-notch riding by Brian Fox, Trey Jones, Kostya Andreev,...

    Posted by kylecarlson on 12/4/2016 6:47 PM

  • Lil' Juice in Louisiana (video)

    This dude has been KILLING it lately! Watch some hot new footage from Justin Gautreau shredding in his native Louisiana. The future is bright.

    Posted by kylecarlson on 9/13/2016 1:03 PM

  • 16-Year-Od Justin Gautreau Battles El Toro (video)

    As Cult's newest member to the squad, Justin Gautreau goes to war with the infamous El Toro stair set and comes out victorious to say the least. The thought of whipping down something like this is absolutely nuts in itself. The fact that he did it with a lady in a golf cart in front of the stairs...

    Posted by KQP on 7/25/2016 10:18 AM