Karl Immers

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  • Karl Immers - The 1440
    Karl Immers - The 1440 (video)

    A wild new video featuring one hell of a spin by Karl Immers. Watch and learn all about what went into his 1440!     We’ll get into the whole video, but let’s pick this up at the end. The 1440. Where did this come from? I’ve wanted to do this trick from when I landed my first 360....

    Posted by kylecarlson on 9/27/2021 12:32 PM

  • Karl Immers = INSANE!
    Karl Immers = INSANE! (video)

    Karl Immers is NOT AFRAID to throw down wild tricks. Seriously. Watch this!

    Posted by kylecarlson on 12/2/2019 9:06 PM