Luc Legrand

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  • BSD in Bangkok (video)

    A BMX video hasn't made me want to visit a new city this badly in a very long time. Watch amazing riding and epic adventures from Reed Stark, Denim Cox, Luc Legrand, and Sam Jones in Thailand's capitol!

    Posted by kylecarlson on 4/17/2018 11:29 AM

  • BSD at Bangkok Skatepark (video)

    Denim Cox, Reed Stark, Sam Jones, Luc Legrand, and more enjoy some time at one of Thailand's finest moral establishments.

    Posted by kylecarlson on 1/24/2018 11:05 AM

  • Lost in Iran (video)

    BSD's Luc Legrand and Antony Lille, along with guest rider, Clement Bats, embarked on a journey to the second-largest country in the Middle East - Iran. A land many would think twice on visiting and home to the world's oldest civilizations, these guys went in headfirst with hopes for a unique exp...

    Posted by KQP on 12/16/2015 5:06 PM