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  • Bikes of Nitro World Games (photo album)

    Posted by kylecarlson on 7/14/2016 5:58 PM

  • Best of Mongoose Jam UK (video)

    From the riders to the course setups, the Mongoose Jam in the UK was nothing short of amazing. If you somehow missed all of the other videos we've posted from this event, not to worry because right here is the best of highlights from park, street, and bowl.

    Posted by KQP on 7/12/2016 4:14 PM

  • Mongoose Jam: UK Park Highlights (video)

    Watch the am and pros throw down serious moves on the park course at the Mongoose Jam in the UK. Riders included are the Peraza brothers, Jason Phelan, Greg Illingworth, Declan Brooks, Gary Spencer, Pat Casey, Ben Wallace, Alex Coleborn, and plenty more.

    Posted by KQP on 7/8/2016 11:01 PM

  • Mongoose UK Bowl Jam (video)

    Catch the highlights from the Mongoose Bowl Jam at Rush Skatepark in Stroud, UK featuring pro riders Kevin Peraza, Pat Casey, Kriss Kyle, Ben Wallace, Alex Coleborn, Greg Illingworth, Tom Isted, and many more. These guys threw down!

    Posted by KQP on 7/7/2016 11:25 AM

  • Mongoose Jam UK: Meet The Teams (video)

    The first ever UK Mongoose Jam went down this past weekend and the coverage is starting to hit the web. Check out who Mongoose riders Tom Isted, Greg Illingworth, Pat Casey, Kevin Peraza, and Ben Wallace picked for their teams!

    Posted by kylecarlson on 7/5/2016 2:21 PM

  • Paul Ryan Rides Rampworx's Street Plaza (video)

    Mongoose pro Paul Ryan throws down hot moves at Rampworx's awesome street plaza in Liverpool, England.

    Posted by kylecarlson on 5/31/2016 11:00 AM

  • Woodward West Spot Check - Plaza Rail (video)

    A sample of what Kevin Peraza, Broc Raiford, Ben Lewis, Tyler Fernengel, and more threw down on the plaza rail at Woodward West from last year's Mongoose Jam street contest. The Mongoose Jam will return to Woodward West on week 9, July 31st - August 6th. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

    Posted by KQP on 5/26/2016 8:15 AM

  • Mongoose Jam Expands to the UK (news story)

    Posted by KQP on 4/29/2016 7:06 PM

  • Mongoose Jam Introduces New Format for 2016 (news story)

    Posted by kylecarlson on 4/26/2016 10:40 AM

  • Greg Illingworth Bike Check (photo album)

    Posted by kylecarlson on 3/11/2016 4:44 PM

  • Mongoose at Pat Casey's (video)

    Mongoose formally welcomes Pat Casey to the team by bringing the rest of the boys out for a session at his incredible backyard. Watch Kevin Peraza, Ben Wallace, Greg Illingworth, Paul Ryan, and Pat himself put the “Dreamyard” to work!

    Posted by kylecarlson on 2/9/2016 8:30 AM

  • Steve McCann off Mongoose (news story)

    Posted by kylecarlson on 2/8/2016 1:51 PM

  • Pat Casey is on Mongoose! Q&A + Bike Check (feature story)

    Posted by kylecarlson on 2/4/2016 8:58 AM

  • Greg Illingworth - Irritable Bowl Syndrome (video)

    When it comes to riding bowls, Greg is hands-down one of the best in the world. This new one from Mongoose features highlights from some of the best bowls he's ridden over the past year. So much great-looking riding in here!

    Posted by kylecarlson on 1/5/2016 1:25 PM

  • Ben Wallace at Unit 23 (video)

    Mongoose pro and Game of BIKE: Dirt champion Ben Wallace rides Unit 23 in Scotland and talks a bit about his roots. The pocket air lookback at the end is going to drop your jaw...

    Posted by kylecarlson on 12/10/2015 12:29 PM

  • Kevin Peraza's First Signature Frame (feature story)

    Posted by kylecarlson on 12/8/2015 9:09 AM

  • The Good:

    Its lasted me almost 4 years now and almost all the parts are origional

    The Bad:

    Had to get new forks becuse the local bike shop didn't have any mongoose stems

    Overall Review: Awesum bike lasted forever and mine has been through allot but it just keeps going

    Posted by RAG X BLIND on 6/25/2015 12:12 AM

  • Power Hour: Tom Isted (video)

    One hour of UK-based park destroyer Tom Isted throwing down bangers at his local spot in Cornwall. Double flips, decade airs, 900s, good times, great riding, and so much more!

    Posted by ChrisWilmshurst on 5/12/2015 10:10 AM

  • Kevin Peraza: Tucson Ditch Day (video)

    Tucson, Arizona is full of amazing ditches. Some of the best in the city happen to be within a mile of the Peraza household. Kevin has been riding these ditches for many years and knows how to put them to good use. Watch and observe.

    Posted by kylecarlson on 4/10/2015 11:37 AM

  • The Good:

    -Great for Beginners and young ages (12 and below)
    -Very inexpensive

    The Bad:

    -Breaks easily (If you are doing tricks)
    -Not water resistant
    -Small handlebars
    -Brakes wear off easily
    -Rims dent
    -Grips wear down fast
    -Tires are slippery
    -The stock tubes both popped

    Overall Review: I only recommend this bike to young kids (12 and below), beginners, and people that don't do tricks. I bought this bike because I was looking for a cheap bike to start BMX. The bike is great for its price and is very light. At the time, I was able to hop up 3 stairs, wheelie, 180, and fakie with...

    Posted by Majestic_Muffin on 2/19/2014 3:04 PM

  • The Good:

    good for beginners and learning basic tricks

    The Bad:

    Grips wear really quick, bikes a bit heavy. Not that good for advanced riders. Small bars

    Overall Review: So yeah, if your just getting into bmx, get this. if you are experienced, don't. K bye

    Posted by calcrossland26 on 4/4/2013 6:21 AM

  • The Good:

    Light, strong, nice colours, holds up well, pivotal seat and odyssey grips. Even though the rims are single wall, they arn't bad.

    The Bad:

    Hi-ten, non intergrated headset. Sprocket bent and stock tyres wear fast and puncture alot.

    Overall Review: Ive had this bike almost a year and only changed the bars (because they were too small) and sprocket because it bent after one 360.I replaced it with a salt plus manta sprocket and its been good ever since. Also the tyres wore down in about 2 weeks and got a couple of punctures, so i changed the...

    Posted by rios.clinton on 10/1/2012 10:27 AM

  • The Good:

    Great geo. decent weight. learning everything on bike. enjoy it more than other completes. but mine is an ex-pro riders frame, 21.25 tt length.

    The Bad:

    a little heavy. havent taken it apart to weigh it yet though

    Overall Review: i love my mongoose legion. dont know many people in US that have one. mongoose doesnt distribute here. but i live in cali and i love mine. it is a bit weird trying to explain that mongoose does make high end bikes. 4 stars because ive only ridden the frame

    Posted by deank.howard on 6/3/2012 10:31 PM

  • The Good:

    There is alot of good to say about this bike. I cant put an exact weight on the bike (been to lazy to, and frankly couldnt care less) but she will let you throw her around. Shes sturdy and ive punished her. Still showing no signs of failure after a month of 5 days a week riding, Loves trails and if you put some pegs on her she doesnt mind a good grind.

    The Bad:

    Well the seats pretty uncomfertable, though I do most of my riding standing. But if you want a seat to cruise home on after a hard sesh then you may want to get something with a little more padding. Also the rear tire has slid out a few times on trails. I highly reccomend getting a plyte for the back aswell.

    Overall Review: Could not ask for a better bi9ke to learn on. If your looking to get into BMX this is the bike to get. Dont blow 300 bucks on something your gunna replace in a year, save the extra 200 and you will be fine untill your skill demands a new bike

    Posted by kai.ceselli on 6/2/2012 11:19 PM

  • The Good:

    Amazing parts

    The Bad:


    Overall Review: It's a great bike. People hating because Mongoose makes Walmart bikes are dumb. Mongoose has a line of big box store bikes. So does DK!!!!!! Bike shop Mongooses are amazing bikes, like this one

    Posted by ethan.jennings.144 on 5/23/2012 8:47 PM

  • The Good:

    chain, seat, pegs, rims, grips, frame, hubs, fork, cranks

    The Bad:

    sprocket that's it

    Overall Review: sweeeeeeeeeeet im serious that is flipping sweet

    Posted by {B1K3JUNKY:) on 12/22/2011 5:51 PM

  • The Good:

    Its a great bike. love it. light and decent parts.

    The Bad:

    I bent the Bars.

    Overall Review: I switched mine to 25/9 gearing now I love it, wouldn't trade it for any other bike.

    Posted by DAN GOOSE on 7/22/2011 5:08 AM

  • The Good:

    good looking. the parts are good too

    The Bad:

    i bet its heavy as hell

    Overall Review: idk about spending that much on a MONGOOSE, they dont have a good reputation. maybe if they start making more bikes like this then i will consider buying it. until then. NO

    Posted by trudat-uabug on 6/22/2011 11:01 PM

  • The Good:

    great tyres, good control in the air and sturdy frame

    The Bad:

    i think the stem is going to break, stem slipped, a little heavy at 12 and a half kgs pedals fucking hurt

    Overall Review: good bike for a beginner, i put new bars eastern 9 inch, theyre awesome. overall good bike

    Posted by trav14 on 5/22/2011 9:05 PM

  • The Good:

    A light Bike good for learning.

    The Bad:

    the seat is to long so i bought a pivotal seat instead.

    Overall Review: This bike (mongoose logo) is better in red and brown in my opinion.

    Posted by Nathan Matthews on 5/8/2011 2:26 AM