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  • Neil Waddington - Probably Alright
    Neil Waddington - Probably Alright (video)

    If there was a theme to my approach to riding this year then it was probably this... Don't tell myself that I can't do/try something just because Im 46. Over the past few years I'd go to parks and see a line I'd love to do but then tell myself "That's something I'd do in my 20's but not in my 40...

    Posted by Neil_Waddington on 2/3/2020 6:31 AM

  • Neil Waddington & Mike O'Connell - Split Edit
    Neil Waddington & Mike O'Connell - Split Edit (video)

    Both at the age of 43, Neil Waddington and Mike O'Connell team up to give a double dose of creative riding that features a wide range of front brake moves.

    Posted by KQP on 9/1/2016 5:32 PM