2009 Rye Airfield Wicked Jam 22

New Hamshire is freezing in December. Why would anyone go there? The Wicked Jam, duh! Check out some great riding from Garrett Reynolds, Brandon Dosch, Brian Hunt, Ronnie Napolitan, Dan Foley, and a bunch of others.

Credit: CJCapozzoli
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  • Haro6.0

    6/8/2010 1:26 PM

    Haha he's on a twenty inch now!! Damn

  • stolenbikecobmx

    6/8/2010 11:05 AM

    Garretts 360 barspin over that gap was sweet!

  • Haro6.0

    1/17/2010 10:26 AM

    Hahah nice barspin 20 ft gap an ha I agree with the nicholi thing man tht kid should start ridin with the big boys for a change and get off his 18inch piece of crap

  • Bryanbike

    1/5/2010 5:56 PM

    My friend went there to compete I think

  • clintos

    12/19/2009 6:16 AM

    colin, dan, garret, ronnie, b hunt, c childs <3, brandon dosch has the fastest tailwhips in bmx for sure!!!

  • Tom

    12/19/2009 6:14 AM

    Wtf that was some serious riding, dan foley was so good!

  • kowoo

    12/16/2009 8:47 PM


  • bstick

    12/16/2009 2:14 PM

    going there this friday aweeesommmee riiidddingggg


    12/16/2009 5:58 AM

    Dan Foley and Brandon Dosch for life! They're the best

  • Coping_High_Guy

    12/15/2009 3:59 PM

    garrett reynolds didnt fit in and nicholi is finally on a 20inch!

  • RideBMX7587

    12/15/2009 12:28 PM

    hit em with it

  • xPdLx

    12/15/2009 11:54 AM

    Dosch, B.H. - heroes.

  • rodolphe.legendre

    12/15/2009 11:52 AM

    huge all guys killin'it

  • chad.c

    12/15/2009 11:07 AM

    morgan wade is always finding those crazy transfers. gotta love it

  • bigfootbmx33

    12/15/2009 10:56 AM

    ryan hunt is crazy

  • Zach Newman

    12/15/2009 10:05 AM

    watch out for zane

  • VTbmxer

    12/15/2009 4:01 AM

    i love rye i go there every weekend

  • Lanky Nathan

    12/15/2009 1:13 AM

    i think that was the fastest triple whip I've ever seen... amazing riding from everyone though. man I wish we had comps like this in aus =(

  • Valleytrls

    12/14/2009 11:27 PM

    Dan Foley ruled and zach

  • Jess B.M.X

    12/14/2009 11:22 PM

    did you see that little kid? he is soooo good for being so little