2011 Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Stevie Churchill vs Chad Kerley, Big Finals 45

Stevie Churchill and Chad Kerley square off during the big finals of the 2011 Vital BMX Game of BIKE. To watch more matches, visit the Game of BIKE page. Full results are available here.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Vans, Dan's Comp, Haro, Pro-Tec, GoPro and MovieTickets.com.

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  • Ông Nội_Mày Đây

    12/4/2013 10:39 AM

    i like Stevie, Stevie fair play ! Fuck Chad, he looked like "punk motherfucker" .

  • kent

    12/31/2012 5:17 AM

    chad knew churchill couldn't manuel very long

  • oreo

    1/14/2013 11:44 PM

    And stevie kept thowing barspins against IZ when he knew he couldnt

  • riveraruben3

    9/20/2012 4:32 AM

    you got a great move

  • mondayfunday bmx

    8/19/2012 4:18 PM

    lets go steve yeah

  • omidakys322

    1/22/2012 8:58 AM

    chad knew steve couldn't manual too long

  • Ziky

    1/17/2012 4:54 AM

    Chad was won everybody with the same tricks

  • mgbmx666

    12/20/2011 6:44 PM

    i still think stevie is a way better rideerrrr

  • mondayfunday bmx

    8/19/2012 4:33 PM

    steve is better yeah

  • wtpcrysisLIKEABOSS

    11/28/2011 7:57 AM

    chad kerley is my favriot rider like a boss

  • odsybmx

    11/8/2011 1:05 PM


  • mooserverte

    10/24/2011 11:46 AM

    guys chad is clearly the better rider! ok, his flair wasnt the best but it was still a flair and i was so much better then stevie! you cant say that he cant use manuals cos if stevie won because chad couldnt do all of the spins then you wouldnt complain! GET OVER IT!

  • 123bmx89

    10/16/2011 12:56 PM

    i think youd be doing cheap tricks for 65,000

  • iowabmx

    7/10/2012 8:57 PM

    its not for 65,000 dollars, did you not listen in the beginning.....its $6,500.......

  • GR@NT

    10/15/2011 9:06 AM

    nice 540 chad. Oh and real men dont do try the same trick 50 times in a game of bike. Churchill is 10 times a better rider than you are and hes more creative

  • bmxismylife123

    6/29/2012 11:05 AM

    Stevie Churchill's by far my favorite rider but Chad Kerley won fair.

  • oreo

    10/14/2011 9:56 AM

    its a game of BIKE for christ sake they were counting blown off foots and lesser pulled tricks through out the whole comp, we know that "BIKE" should be aka "COUNT IT!"

  • monoek

    10/10/2011 12:45 PM

    i agree whit the 540 "rodeo" i think thts a huge mistake!!!! but comps are like that.......

  • JDKGbmx

    10/9/2011 9:59 AM

    cheap ass doing so many manual tricks... and tht wasnt a flair, it was a dipped 540. he woulve won either way but its messed up, and getting him out on almost all the same tricks.

  • Max J

    10/9/2011 2:38 AM

    Yeah chads 540 nosedive shouldnt have counted, but in all honesty, he still wouldve gone and pulled that bar manual noz thing and won, so chill.
    And anyways chad can flair so i dunno why he was being a fag - watch the end of this http://blog.defgrip.net/2011/07/original-nike-pool/

  • szej

    10/8/2011 2:05 AM

    you guys saying that wasnt fair with manuals, but who killed iz with only fucking bars? stevie knew that iz cant bar and he used it

  • tavito hernandez

    7/7/2013 1:00 PM

    IZ can bars but is not too clean

  • george is my name, bike is my game!!

    10/8/2011 12:24 AM

    uhhh... thats 540 dip. Not a flair.

  • Coping_High_Guy

    10/7/2011 11:49 PM

    Cant fault chad on only doing bar manny tricks when he pulled everything stevie did too, im sure stevie thought he had him on the 720, bank 540bar and the thing people have been callin a flair for a while now

  • RBL550

    10/7/2011 9:25 PM

    Sorry to say chad but that wasnt a flair, churchill should of won is chad didnt do all them manuals

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