Albuquerque Video 39

Some serious local shredding out of Albuquerque, New Mexico featuring Justin Barnes, Justin Allen, Wes McGrath, Mario Gonzales, and Vidal Vigil.

Credit: Mario Carrasco
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  • dk bikes1

    4/8/2009 5:47 AM


  • animal man

    4/6/2009 2:28 PM

    he only threww his bike cuz that was like half the falls some where pretty bad, CRUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • dk4life

    3/27/2009 6:35 AM

    Wat a kikass vid music sukd a lil bit but riding was good

  • Rich James

    3/15/2009 4:41 PM

    Albuquerque is certainly not know for good music...

    Nice riding though guys.

  • timcinnati

    3/13/2009 12:41 PM

    so glad i didnt see 80000 tail whips

  • D_mysta

    3/11/2009 10:42 PM

    honestly i through my bike like that all the time and the only thing wrong with it is... well nothing i dont have paint my parts are raw and it only gets a little scratched.

  • the171

    3/10/2009 8:51 PM

    throw and sponsor.

  • chichi reyes

    3/10/2009 4:06 PM

    whats the artist the song is cold as ice

  • Jacob Massey

    3/10/2009 3:52 PM

    Bro Durango Park at the end, sick touch. bro i agree that the curb wal curb was ill to death, but he is right, bar rail hop was sick as shit that was a huge handrail

  • Eltor0

    3/10/2009 2:26 PM

    somebody knows the song??

  • ezobmxico

    3/10/2009 8:46 AM

    yeha this video is crazy . esos weyes le dan pesado ajua!!!

  • 4pegsn0brakes

    3/9/2009 7:17 PM

    man i miss home. I knew were all the spots are! Scottsdale Sucks!

  • a.t.bmx95

    3/9/2009 6:27 PM

    vettty good!

  • foxrider18

    3/9/2009 5:37 PM


  • tyler_u

    3/9/2009 4:57 PM

    the last clip was good

  • jordanBvegaskid

    3/9/2009 2:01 PM

    That remix is a disgrace to foreigner.
    Video was ahhhhite though.

  • controversy

    3/9/2009 11:40 AM


  • jesus lopez

    3/9/2009 8:43 AM

    thats hella good dood.

  • rodolphe.legendre

    3/9/2009 2:49 AM


  • thatbmxkidrides

    3/9/2009 12:42 AM

    that was sickkk, barrie from the stairs to grass bank was nuts and the curb to wall to curb was just as insane