Alfredo Mancuso Bike Check 19

Alfredo rides a Volume Rob's Zombie that's all decked out with Demoliton parts. Take an inside look at it along with some bonus riding clips.

Credit: john hicks
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    4/17/2010 12:23 PM

    every one at woodward calls him "AlFLAIRdo

  • Alflairdo

    1/23/2010 2:02 AM

    What, not enough flair whips for ya?

  • Colton Satterfield

    1/20/2010 9:16 PM

    not sure i have heard of john hicks but from the looks of the single clip he had, he outta be the one with the bike check and the rad sponsors. that clip was wack. best one in the vid

  • burn2044

    1/20/2010 10:17 AM

    MN license plate at 0:33?

  • tonythetooth

    1/17/2010 8:26 PM

    Not one flair!

  • johnhicks

    1/17/2010 7:35 PM


  • JCWpp88

    1/17/2010 6:50 PM

    thats my local park yahh
    haha my friend michas in this
    pretty sick bike i have the same frame

  • traxxas

    1/17/2010 5:55 PM

    That park looks sick with all the street sesh

  • Brandochando5

    1/17/2010 3:30 PM

    ive rode that first park he was at, its pretty sick

  • TroyThePenguin

    1/17/2010 12:49 PM

    I agree with mike. every alfredo vid has to have at least 999,999,999 flairs!

  • bigfootbmx33

    1/17/2010 12:17 PM

    he is sick

  • RedEndo

    1/17/2010 12:13 PM

    Pretty cool...question...would those demolition spindles fit Curbrider Flow Pedals?


  • mikepayne

    1/17/2010 11:46 AM

    no flair???


    1/17/2010 10:35 AM

    good stuff

  • jimonbike

    1/17/2010 7:57 AM

    i like white zombie better than rob zombie but that has nothing to do with this lol sweet edit man its better than some peoples regular edits and it was just a bike check

  • julien

    1/17/2010 5:50 AM


  • mfreestyle_2000

    1/17/2010 2:23 AM

    cool edit.

  • ChrisWilmshurst

    1/17/2010 1:06 AM

    Lovely work john! loved your part. MAKE AN EDIT!

  • DEAnARsaurUs BiG PeCkS

    1/17/2010 12:53 AM

    first comment nice bike

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