Anthony Napolitan: Colony Video and Interview

Anthony Napolitan is back! Well, technically he never went anywhere, he’s just not one to regularly be dropping banger videos. This new one took a lot of time, effort, and energy and he almost lost both legs in the process of bringing it to life. Watch it, get stoked, and check out what Anthony had to say about everything - 

I know you’ve been working on this for a while. From the time you shot the first clip to the last, how much time surpassed?

It’s actually kind of funny. Nathan and I decided to start a filming project even before I started riding for Colony. Once I got picked up by Colony, we scrapped those clips and started fresh. This edit took just over two years to film. It mostly took that long because I’m always traveling and Nathan is also really busy with his day-to-day. I’m actually really stoked that we took our time, though. When we sat down to start editing, I realized there are so many clips I was taken back by because I don’t think I could replicate some of the things I did back then today. The edit literally captures two years of my riding evolving in different directions.

Are you stoked on the finished product?

Yes. I’m really happy and really proud of the work that went into it. There were actually a handful of clips that I wanted to film that we didn’t get to. I had to put a deadline on the filming and stick to it or else I’d just keep prolonging the process.

This is the video the infamous fence front flip attempt was supposed to be for, right?

Yeah. The front flip to fence clip was originally supposed to be for this edit. It was kind of one of those things that we just ran out of time for in the end. I had three more bangers that I wanted to film and this was one of them.


Do you plan on ever going back and getting that or are you over it?

You know, I really want to. The speed is most certainly there for it. My wife kind of made me promise her that I wouldn’t do it again. You know how it goes sometimes, though. I could get into a session, find a line, and just be feeling it. I’m for sure the type of rider that always wants redemption on something like that.

That crash clip really blew up. Were you able to capitalize on it and make some cash or did it get stolen too many times?

I actually took my time and did the proper licensing on it. I knew that it was going to blow up the way it did, so I spent a week doing that and I was able to capitalize on the situation. 

What’s your favorite clip in this new video?

It’s so hard to say! I really love TJ Lavin’s backyard section. TJ’s has always been one of my favorite places to ride at because his yard is so technical and there are so many lines to choose from. I’m really stoked on how the nap seatgrab to late table turned out on the big dirt quarter at Palm Trails and, of course, the flip turndown to late whip.

I can tell most of this was shot in California. Where else did you film?

I guess I really didn’t realize that it was all filmed in California - hahahaha! Aside from Lavin’s in Vegas, I went to Puerto Rico for my bachelor party and I filmed a few clips there that didn’t make the edit. I also went to East Side in Texas, but I didn’t have a filter and I didn’t want to bother any of the guys there to film me. I had some self-filmed stuff that also didn’t make the edit that I pushed on to Instagram over the last couple of days.

I couldn’t help but notice you appear to have a certain new sponsor. What’s the deal with that?

Yes! I actually just announced my new partnership with Wienerschnitzel for 2018! I’m really stoked on this. Buckworth actually approached me about riding for them and I was able to have a face-to-face meeting with the president. They are a really tight family-owned company and I was just so impressed with how they care for their athletes and how open to ideas they are. Most sponsorships are pretty cut-and-dry these days and I was particularly impressed with how they direct their brand and want to get their influencers involved with what they have going on.

Between you and Buckworth, those guys must like BMX. How have they been to work with so far?

I think they just love action sports all-around. They have been super easy to work with so far. It always helps when both sides understand each other and are on the same page. I’m really looking forward to us growing together and creating some amazing stuff for BMX.

Any big plans in the works with them?

We have for sure been throwing some different ideas around. We are for sure going to start slow and build as we go.

When Anthony Napolitan goes to Wienerschnitzel, what does he order?

I usually order four total. Always a classic ketchup and mustard, chili cheese dog, and a kraut dog. Then, for the fourth, I’ll double up one of those choices. They just came out with the Supercross dog, so I’ll probably get that as my fourth choice now.

I saw they have fish and chips now. Are they good? Can you get me some?

I haven’t actually tried those yet, but I’d be more than happy to treat you to that next time you come to shoot at the trails. There’s literally a Wienerschnitzel right down the road.

Back to the video… I was surprised to see some vert clips in there. How often do you ride vert?

I absolutely love riding vert! Not many people know that I love it. I’ve been riding vert on-and-off for the last twelve years. I actually rode my first vert event ever last year at Claremont for the X Games qualifier. When I’m home for more than a week at a time, I do my best to go down to Elliot Sloan’s house to ride vert and mini mega with those guys. Nathan Sykes has also been getting into those session as well! I had plans for more vert and mini mega jumping and quarter clips. Towards the end of filming, things got hectic with schedules and I just couldn’t push the drop date any further.

What frame are you on? Is what what you rode through the whole video?

I actually rode three different bikes during the entire video. They are all Nathan Sykes signature Tradition frames. All of the Profile Racing parts are the same as well - just different colorways for all three bikes. The current bike that I’m riding is the same bike that you see me do the flip turndown to whip clip on in the end.

When did you first start doing the flip turndown to whip?

It’s truly been a long time. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I had learned so many tricks that I’ve never debuted anywhere. I think I learned flip turndown to whips in 2009 and then did my first one on a mini mega in 2011. That was the last time I did one until filming on Elliot’s ramp. I was so stoked that I pulled it first try for the video. I had it in my head that I was in for a long day and then it ended up being one-and-done. Then I did one on dirt for the best trick contest at the Toyota Triples event in Glendale.


Is that trick as crazy to do as it looks?

It’s for sure a wild one. There are a few things you really have to focus on so that things don’t go wrong. For whatever reason, it works in my head and I’m able to get it done.

I noticed the music was by professional skater and all-around great guy Elliot Sloan. How did that idea pop up?

It definitely came together really organically. I wanted something metal and fast for the music choice. Usually after a session at Elliot’s, we will go into his studio and just listen to different music samples that he’s created. I really love getting my friends involved with anything I have going on - especially if it will showcase something of theirs. Music choice is such a pain as well these days. So many hoops to jump through for music clearance, so it was kind of a no brainer once it popped into my head. Elliot is multi-talented and his music rules. Big shoutout to him!

How soon are you going to dive in on your next video project?

I tend to leave a lot of years between video projects. The last one I dropped was in 2013. I’d actually like to start a smaller mega ramp-only edit in the near future. Since I’ve been riding so much vert and mega it’s really motivated me to want to be back up on the X Games roll in with those guys again.

What’s next for you?

Lots of trails for now and then I’m heading on a three week anti-bullying high school tour with ASA Entertainment. That leads me into the end of April. I hope that X Games is doing another vert qualifier in May. I’d really love to take another stab at that.

Dreamline was dope. Will you please put on another dirt event?

Myself, Adam Aloise at The Dirt Factory, and Luke Seile and Paul Williams at Modified Content have been working on another event for a while now. We just need to get the proper funding to make it a reality. We have a spot lined up already and the concept will be next level as always. We just need sponsorship dollars to bring it to life.

Any final words?

I just want to thank my friends and family for all of their support. I want to thank my sponsors - Wienerschnitzel, Maxxis Tires, Profile, Colony, and Ethika - for helping me keep the good times rolling and the dream alive. Team Dr. G for keeping my body in good shape after snapping myself off during some of this filming. Most importantly, big thanks to Nathan Sykes for dedicating so much time over the last two years. You guys wouldn’t be seeing this video without him. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Thank you!

Credit: Nathan Sykes / Additional Photos by Matt Cordova / Flip Turndown to Whip clip by Tyler Rizzi
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