Barachel Jam 45

A cool local contest that includes van riding. What am I talking about? Just don't stop watching until the video stops playing. You'll see...

Credit: Brett Rholfing
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  • brandonrider

    12/6/2008 6:31 AM

    Dude at the end what a nut case

  • Grizz

    10/29/2008 1:30 PM

    :58 Saran Wrap to tail tap, sick

  • sillyboy10

    10/28/2008 10:59 AM

    sick last rider was ace
    :-) nice contest

  • ben c

    10/27/2008 1:38 PM

    last dude is insane

  • RedEndo

    10/27/2008 6:09 AM

    PS - Hucker Status.

  • RedEndo

    10/27/2008 6:08 AM

    If you pause the video near the beginning, Rosie O'Donnel and Anna Nicole Smith appear going by in a white SUV.


    John Dale
    RedEndo BMX

  • riderofbmx4130

    10/26/2008 8:20 PM

    why didn't more people use that car rail???

  • willbmx4food

    10/26/2008 11:07 AM

    i luved the "dude" scene haha

  • broskie13

    10/25/2008 6:58 PM

    this video was fucking AWESOME!!!!

  • vital

    10/25/2008 6:53 PM

    there all shreders

  • JakeHersheyBMX

    10/25/2008 7:49 AM

    180 whip to fakie barr was cool.

  • FeRg5

    10/24/2008 4:17 PM

    that dude at the end is insane lol

  • iamhollywood

    10/24/2008 3:32 PM

    yeah that video was tight so were the pants haha

  • dmarie90

    10/24/2008 1:53 PM

    OMG! HAHAHA thats me in the beginning yelling out of the car! wow that is hilarious

  • kaypeeeloco

    10/24/2008 10:09 AM

    guy at the end owns. like kp. hahaha

  • CALIBMXkevin

    10/24/2008 6:23 AM

    the last dude could of land it

  • nickos

    10/24/2008 4:54 AM

    that skatepark is fuckin awsome

  • chriscourtenay

    10/24/2008 2:02 AM

    longest canjammmm! nice vid!

  • gimmickbmx

    10/23/2008 10:58 PM

    nathan martinez yo, you're fag i bet you've never met trey jones and that guy at the end was smart he realized he wasn't getting any closer and took his health into mind not landing something is better than ending up with a broken body and not being able to ride for even longer but to even attempt that is nuts awesome vid

  • originalstyle

    10/23/2008 10:00 PM

    what an idiot. he cant land that