Bonus Baltimore Dew Tour Park 2007 13

More double-backflips, 360-double-whips, and way more from Gary Young, Mike Laird, Diogo Canina, Craig Mast, Scotty Cranmer, etc.

Credit: Terrell Gordy
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  • shiaaaat

    7/13/2007 1:20 PM

    im sick of all the huckers...they are a bunch of fuckin hacks

  • bmxer4ever

    7/12/2007 8:05 AM

    Love seeing LARGE air out of a QP. Always exciting! MORE please!

  • harbrow

    7/10/2007 2:03 PM

    Diogo is insane

  • harbrow

    7/10/2007 2:03 PM

    Diogo is insane

  • JeanPFuckner

    7/10/2007 2:23 AM

    incredible diogo for top and avante..hehe

  • bmxbiker07

    7/8/2007 11:16 AM

    wth i didnt know guettler can double flip... i didnt even get to see his run the dew tour cut him out when they were airing it on tv

  • Durkin

    7/8/2007 6:55 AM

    that double flip was funking sick. I loved the topside 50/50 as well.

  • bmxdude07

    7/8/2007 12:40 AM

    that was sick man

  • Patrick SJ

    7/7/2007 10:00 AM

    I agree, Diogo's air made me wanna throw up it was so high

  • dave dillewaard

    7/7/2007 8:22 AM

    Diogo's air out was the best thing i have seen in awhile.

  • Losey

    7/7/2007 7:45 AM

    Yes, that was Guettler doing the double-flip. It was after his time was up, too. He just fired out just because.

  • kylenoble

    7/7/2007 7:05 AM

    was that guettler doin the double flip?

  • ridebmx4life

    7/7/2007 6:08 AM

    the double flip was sick i wonder whos going to pull the first double front or has it already been done?