Bonus Wicked Jam Video 35

This is the banger video you've been waiting for. All the magic tricks are in here, including Garrett Reynolds' 720-barspin-to-fakie.

Credit: Larry Rhodes & Jeff DuPaul
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    2/10/2009 7:39 AM

    i think it was a flair but it looked like a nosedive 540.......good job anyway trey

  • mullins

    2/6/2009 5:51 PM

    trey was that supost to be a flair or some sort of 540

  • Marchak

    1/11/2009 8:22 AM


  • ChadKagy

    1/9/2009 8:56 AM

    so much good stuff in one short video. Rye Airfield looked amazing too.

  • luccbagNH

    1/8/2009 4:26 AM

    thats how we do it in new hampshire

  • lazbmx

    12/30/2008 12:07 PM

    song's name please?^^

  • nicholasyo

    12/26/2008 7:34 PM

    shit was fucking awesome


    12/25/2008 4:12 PM

    Trey Jones is a nut!!!!!!!! He's the best up and coming rider ever. Flair on the wedge, insane and he's now on the shadow flow team

  • crazybrech

    12/25/2008 4:27 AM

    that's cool to see not too whips, just a bit !!!!
    jeremiah smith: bar to superman seat grab

  • sinless shadow

    12/24/2008 12:26 PM

    360 double downside was sick.. flair whip was sick anthony.. bar to superman was awesome miah.. and sic riding garrett.. props to you all

  • tyler_u

    12/24/2008 3:20 AM

    decade to tailwhip left me spechless

  • wadesbmx69

    12/23/2008 8:09 PM

    fuk yer

  • GlennPPMilligan

    12/23/2008 6:45 PM


  • Taylorbmxer

    12/23/2008 5:45 PM


  • dadlovesbmx

    12/23/2008 3:35 PM

    jeramiah seriously did a perfect hop 3 whip... what the fuck!

  • S&Mbikerider

    12/23/2008 2:55 PM

    garret is the master of the bar spin besides niquist

  • canapobikes

    12/23/2008 1:55 PM

    hey garret tricks are tooo sick... 360 bar bar table .... but there are other tricks pretty sick to.... bar to superman seat grab , first time i see that..... back to back 720 .... that dude try to do a body varial SICK !!! .... bar flair , i thaught that Ryan N was the only one doing that, but no. jaajjajaa well super good video

  • CjCapozzoli

    12/23/2008 1:37 PM

    Sweet I got some butt crack footage in this one!

  • TeamTailwhip603

    12/23/2008 1:18 PM



    12/23/2008 11:58 AM

    WTF!!! Yeah Dudes!!!! Bonner, rep our set!!!

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