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MADNESS in The Sunshine State courtesy of Florida's favorite son - Brian Fox - to celebrate his new signature Fox Frame from Radio. Watch this, hear what Brian has to say, and learn all about the frame that will probably make you do perfect double flips!

I know getting a signature frame was a really big deal to you. When did you first find out it was happening?

Well, first Radio sent me a Nemesis setup to try out to see if I liked the products they already had. All of that stuff held up great. After chatting on the phone for a good bit with Dave Patterson, he pretty much just dropped the ball. “We want to put you on the team and do a signature frame with you.” This was April or May of last year.

What was your initial reaction?
I can definitely tell you the greasy, teenage Brian was almost trembling with excitement and disbelief! The greasy 21-year-old Brian was excited to be able to ride exactly what I want. Radio really did let me run wild with this thing. Chainstay brake mounts? I may not run brakes at the moment, but I know where they belong on a bike! Haha.

Regarding specs, did you know exactly what you wanted immediately?
I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I sat down and wrote a bunch of notes and what I liked from previous frames and slowly pieced together the Fox Frame!

Spec-wise, what’s important to you in a frame?
Obviously, I’m not the smallest dude on a BMX bike, so something that was going to be able to withstand the beating I was going to give it was the absolute most important thing to me.

What did you think the first time you hopped on the prototype? Did you nail it first try?
When I initially hopped on the prototype, I was a little unsure of it. I had gone from a frame with a bit more mellow geometry to something that was big, yet extremely responsive. As of now, I’m in love with it! It’s big enough that I don’t feel like a giant on it, but reliable and responsive enough to fit the demand of the spin tricks I do.

Ok… the name. Fox frame. Real creative…. hahaha. Why did you go with this name?
When I started telling people I was getting a signature frame, they asked if it was going to be called the Fox Frame right away. My last name - for some reason - has always kind of stuck with people. Like, if someone can’t remember my first name, almost nine times out of ten they will remember my last name. Fox. The last name of some badass dudes, like Kris Fox for example!

Who did all of the graphics? Did you have input on these?
The graphic designer at Radio. I definitely had input on the graphics, but due to the fact that the people in our country get offended at just about anything, we didn’t want to create issues with women during shipping and handling. The original idea was a beautiful woman wearing some tasteful, American clothing while holding a rifle above her head. We had to go with plan B.

I know your dad owns a bike shop. How many of these is he going to have in stock at all times?
He does! It’s called State Street Bicycles in the small town of Commerce, Georgia. I know for a fact he’s going to pick up ten on the first order. We’ve both had our phones blowing up lately by close friends asking when it will be available, so I’m guessing they’re going to go quick!

Let’s talk about the video. It’s very “Florida.” What made you want to give it that theme?
Whenever I get together with Andrew Knight - Elevated Perspective - for a video, the creativity usually gets a little out of hand. I grew up going out to the ‘Glades semi-regularly with my uncles and cousins for rides on their airboats. We also had friends with airboats that did the same. The owner of the airboat in the video is a really close childhood friend of mine - Colton Davis. On the way down, we just tried to think of the most interesting and awesome things Florida has to offer. It was an easy decision to film down there. The Florida Everglades are a big part of the true South Florida culture, which is the area I grew up in. His family also owns that super badass camp that’s elevated above the beautiful Florida Everglades.

Any crazy behind-the-scenes stories from the airboat or gun experiences?
I’ve honestly only shot a gun once prior to this time, so I was more giddy than a seven-year-old on Christmas morning. One thing that happened that I thought was pretty wild was Andrew losing his wallet literally in the median of the highway on our way to Orlando. We had pulled off on the side of the road to watch SpaceX take off, but the trees were kind of in the way. Andrew being Andrew needed to get a shot of it on his phone, so he waited for an opening in traffic and ran to the median. In the process of taking his phone out, his wallet came with it without him knowing. We left, got a half hour down the road to a gas station to fill up and grab some water, and it was nowhere to be found. We retraced our steps, finding ourselves back out on the median of that highway looking for the sucker. We found it! It was a team effort. Some drunk lady also dumped ‘em at the beach, but you’ll have to ask me about that one in person! Hahaha.

Seeing as how you live in North Carolina, what made you want to shoot this video in Florida?
North Carolina may be where my stuff is, but I call Florida home. It’s where everything began for me, which is why I still go to those FLBMX contests. Florida has the most badass scene in the country, hands-down. I also think there’s a bit of confusion on where I’m from and where I live. I’m hoping it’ll help clear that up for now. Anyway, it wouldn’t have felt right filming my signature frame promo somewhere other than Florida.

What clip took the longest to get?
Well, technically it was the hop whip wearing waders at the camp in the Everglades. We had to make two trips out there because we ran out of sunlight and I suck at hop whips. This is literally like my third or fourth one ever! But, judging on the consecutive tries, it was either the hang five on the pool coping extension that I died on or the one where I did the hang five to pegs and back to hang five. I seriously worked so hard for those clips.

Was this your first flair bar-to-bar back on concrete?
Yes. But, honestly, in the moment - especially after sending a few in the days before filming, it really wasn’t something that crossed my mind. I just knew I hadn’t had a clip in a video of one yet and this was the perfect opportunity.

I can tell you’ve been working on hang fives a lot. Which one in the video was the hardest?
Definitely the pool coping extension around the bowl corner. The video really does it no justice. The pool coping on it was old and had started to chip and become loose, so as I was riding over each one, I could seriously hear and feel it moving underneath me.

Tell the world - why should they buy a Radio Fox frame?
That’s easy. I’m a halfway decent guy and you want to help me out! Hahaha. But, seriously, because I truly believe in the product. It is 100% the most solid bike I’ve ever owned and is absolutely b-e-a-utiful.

What’s next on your agenda?
I’m currently on an eight hour flight to Vienna, Austria to be a part of the greatest action sports show on Earth - Masters of Dirt. I’m really stoked on that. Then I’ll come home and continue to prepare for the first stop of the FISE World Series at the beginning of April in Hiroshima, Japan!

Any closing thoughts?
Something I’ve been thinking about lately. No matter how hard, stressful, or overwhelming life can seem, always remember there’s someone out there that wishes they were in your position. Take advantage and never stop pushing. Another thing - tell the ones close to you they’re important and you love them. It’s a crazy world out there and even crazier shit happens. Thank you Mom, Dad, Morgan, and the rest of my life team for loving me unconditionally and pushing me to be the best I can be. I love you guys.

The Radio Fox Frame
Available in both 20.6" and 21.1" versions. Both frames have proportional geometry, allowing smaller and bigger riders (Like Brian) to benefit from geometry that caters to them perfectly. Includes chainstay brakemounts, as per Brian's request, as well as beefed up, but light tapered tubing, allowing it to hold up to everything you could put it through without weighing you down.

Tubing - butted, seamless 4130 crmo tubing
Bottom Bracket - mid-bb, 74mm width
Standover Height - 8.5 (20.6") / 9 (21.1")
Headtube - 117mm, cnc machined and heat-treated
Dropouts - 6mm thick, cnc and heat-treated
Specials - Perfect all-around geometry, proportional geometry on 20.6" and 21.1"
Colors - ED black and translucent gold
Top Tube Length - 20.6" and 21.1"
Chainstay Length - 12.8" - 13.3" (20.6") / 13" - 13.5" (21.1)
Head Tube Angle - 75 degree
Seat Tube Angle - 71 degree
Bottom bracket Height - 11.6"




Credit: Radio / Andrew Knight - Elevated Perspective
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