Chris Courtenay Video 108

More Australian firepower right here. We're looking to spotlight riders from around the world. If you've got skills and clips like these, let us know.

Credit: Stewart Munro
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  • BradSecor

    10/2/2009 12:02 PM

    wtf to S0lid Snake i know chris he can do alot more then just tailwhips and hes got alot of style chris is a very nice dude so dont dis just cuz you cant do anything he can

  • Chase Hawk

    3/13/2009 6:51 AM

    yeh chris good to see you at woodward champ!

  • clintos

    1/26/2009 4:29 PM

    chris rules, dnt hate on him just cause hes better than yous and cause he can do tailwhips, why does everyone on this hang shit on every rider?? in aus we never hate on each other eg at our parks if someone airs huge everyone will give him props even if he cant backy or whip

  • myles belsham

    1/13/2009 8:22 PM

    lol at snake that noob,where is your video huh? so we can all put shit on u,u probly couldnt jump the spine

  • ZacyG

    11/5/2008 3:15 PM

    funny the comment above from solid snake. he was sponsored by drive and now rides for mankind australia. he rips at dirt and street as well. didnt you listen? it was a park video.

  • S0lid Snake

    10/28/2008 12:55 AM

    no style, same tricks, all park, wheres the trail? wheres the street? wheres the ORIGINALITY?????

    looks like someone missed the part where jsut because you do the same thing as spinner/xgamers your the fucking shit, i can tell your just another tailwhipping robot.

    no hate, just learn to push the boundaries alittle this vid was too predictable and very very lame sorry no kudos, no five stars and this DEFFINATELY will not get you sponsored

    maybe if you learned to put all your tricks into a vid, youll get better reviews, thats why everyone hates, we want originality and to see things we havent seen before,


  • Levo

    10/23/2008 1:26 AM

    Nice work Chris
    and to all thoes people out there who winge about tailwhips and footjams
    fuck off!!
    just because you cant do them dosn't mean you have to put other lads down that can do them
    clean the sand out of ur pussies you haters!

  • Tom

    10/13/2008 8:21 AM

    Such a good style! =o

  • kaypeeeloco

    10/13/2008 4:33 AM

    ive been mates with chris since he started riding. and yes for all you hating cunts it was only 2 and a half years ago and since that day he's done nothing but progress insanely. i'd just like to ask... for all you haters.. where's your vid on vital? ha

  • ColonyBMX

    10/11/2008 6:10 AM

    Hell yeah Chris... that was awesome.

  • bmxer_jake

    10/10/2008 3:36 PM

    fuckin wanker
    2 n half years

  • reece687

    10/10/2008 3:34 PM

    too lmaoz your a dick

  • Alopra Dream Bmx

    10/10/2008 8:11 AM

    sick!! no handers !!keep high !!

  • lmaoz

    10/9/2008 11:40 AM

    more whips please, kids love them.
    and why took so long to learn all those tricks? my mommy bought me a bicycle yesterday and I'm already doing front flip whips to fakie manual on a 20 ft punk wall. brakeless.
    but that's prolly because my bars are bigger.

  • otto

    10/9/2008 10:08 AM

    you are nasty.. you have only been riding for 2 and a half years???

  • otto

    10/9/2008 10:07 AM

    you are nasty.. you have only been riding for 2 and a half years???

  • ThomasGlew

    10/9/2008 4:46 AM

    as if u wood hate on chris he is the nicest guy EVER.
    i think u haters shood start skatin or sumthing cause it doesnt sound like u like bmx!

  • wog bmx

    10/9/2008 4:16 AM

    nasty nate needs to grow a fukin dick and admire people for thier skills and style not how they run there bikes
    just cause he's not as good as chris doesnt mean he has to talk shit about him
    go chris courtney!

  • CharlieLucasBMX

    10/7/2008 5:24 PM

    That was fucking sick man.
    there's always going to be haters out there with 20inch dildos up there arses but just keep going man.
    your going places

  • sick air

    10/7/2008 5:23 PM

    this video sucks he did the same thang over and over

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