Corey Martinez: 2017 Cinema Video Part + Q&A

Over 6-minutes of continuous hammers from Nashville's Corey Martinez for Cinema BMX! With footage from a 6-year span, 17 filmers, and 11 cities, we knew this was going to be something special. After watching this, we think you'll agree that we were dead right. Continue below to learn more about the project straight from the man himself -

How old is the oldest clip in this video? 

Corey: November of 2010 in Phoenix.

How recent is the newest? 

Corey: October of 2016 in NYC.

These clips stretch over quite a long period. What’s the story of how this all came together? 

Corey: I was sitting on a ton of Cinema footage, along with Etnies footage that was going to be used in Chapters. So, I decided to use all that stuff, plus newer footage I've been gathering during my travels over the last couple years. 

Does watching this make you miss the cassette hub - even just a little bit? 

Corey: Haha!  No, not at all. New day, new era! 

I’m sure this video brings back memories of a lot of trips over the years. If you had to pick one, which trip that went into the creation of this was your favorite? 

Corey: Barcelona 100%. It’s aways a treat visiting that playground.  

Off the top of your head, which clip in this piece took the longest to get? 

Corey: To be honest, the majority took about few tries. haha

What’s your favorite - or a few of your favorite - clips from the piece? 

Corey: I'd say all my newer stuff from my NYC trip I took with the homies back in November of last year. I like how all of those clips are grouped together as my last few clips to round out the part.  

You always have really good-looking bikes. What’s your favorite color kit you were on during the creation of this? 

Corey: That blue and gold joint all day! 

Anything new and exciting with Cinema in the works? Parts? Trips? Other?

Corey: For 2017, we have a few team trips in the works along with some new products and signature apparel.

I understand that - after many years of working together - you’re no longer riding for Red Bull. Any comment here?

Corey: Nothing really to say other than it was good while it lasted. Onto the next chapter! 

You’ve really transcended the eras in BMX and remained at the top of the game for a very, very long time. This is a pretty vague question, but how have you done it? What advice would you give up-and-coming riders who could only dream of having a career similar to yours? 

Corey: Stay positive, be humble, take care of your body, and have fun riding your bike at all cost - no matter what others may say or think. 

What’s next for you? Any more six-minute video parts in the works? 

Corey: Nothing at the moment. I have a few ideas for projects this year I hope to get moving. 

How’s the 2017 schedule looking? Anything you’re excited about on the horizon? 

Corey: I have a couple contest and events coming up, along with some team trips with the United and Cinema squads. Oh, and Brian Kachinsky's wedding in March.

Anything you care to add?

Corey: I'm forever humbled, honored, and grateful to still be doing what I love and living out my dream. Thank you to all who have supported me all these years and those that still do!

Credit: Cinema / Will Stroud
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