Dakota Roche Bike Check 46

Take a look at Dakota's prototype Cult along with some awesome street clips.

Credit: GPPM and VEESH

GlennPPMilligan GlennPPMilligan 1/27/2010 10:48 PM

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@BMXerguy17 HAHA That was funny s-it! Cvlt is pretty much just fit just a different name, and FBM And Solid are more old school style bike companys, Then Fit mixed the old with new by making the harder to break frames witout coprimising weight, And the Cvlt shit is stronger and more solid feeling than any other frames i've ridden (Disscluding the Roche and Aitken sig frames) for a long while, the bars are great, The forks are great but the stem they're making cracked on me but otherwise they are one of my top rated bike companys, plus they have plenty of buzz goin around, not all of it is good but its still just buzz.

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@Brock Twitchell
no hes not
hes always been left foot forward

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I don't think that frame is anything to bust a nut over. Its nice... just another frame. But them forks look promising.
I gott get rid of these shivs. They're fugly.

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