Darren Bouldin Birthday Jam 17

Eastern's Darren Bouldin recently turned 20, to celebrate he threw a jam on his backyard ramps. Don't miss the photo gallery from the event, too.

Credit: Terrell Gordy
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  • keane_str_2112

    5/27/2009 2:21 PM

    its not a park you idot! its darren's back yard! what does your back yard look like? do you even know what time it is?

  • dk_bmxer

    1/28/2009 7:16 AM

    This park looks pretty ghetto, it kinda reminds me of BONEDETH.

  • Joplin

    1/27/2009 6:13 PM

    Man people better stop talking about Scarface like that! If it wasn't for him those ramps wouldn't even be there.


    1/27/2009 7:21 AM

    oh so sketchy oh so great

  • philkane

    1/24/2009 11:49 AM

    happy birthday darren sorry i couldnt be there this year.

  • heffley

    1/23/2009 5:59 PM

    Was that dog as bowlegged as Leigh? Nice.

  • freecoaster bmx

    1/23/2009 2:21 PM

    Looks like a great party and good riding. Darren, Happy B Day! thanks for sharing.

  • tooker

    1/23/2009 2:15 PM

    Happy Birthday Darren B. That shit was a lot of fun.

  • DragonMan91

    1/23/2009 12:04 PM

    i wonder how many people got fucked up b/c the dog got in the way and they aint wanna hit it

  • Colin Mackay

    1/23/2009 10:15 AM

    yeah dazza

  • ridebmxnc

    1/23/2009 9:57 AM

    oh yeah thanks again for having everybody over darren it was a sick jam

  • ridebmxnc

    1/23/2009 9:56 AM

    its about damn time this vid got put up only been a over a month!

  • Darren B

    1/23/2009 9:43 AM

    just for the record. I am not mentally challenged.


    1/23/2009 9:33 AM

    hahahaha bowlegs, too funny

  • OllieFeltBmx

    1/23/2009 9:02 AM

    2nd and 3rd (braapppppppp!!! chavski)

  • OllieFeltBmx

    1/23/2009 9:01 AM

    Nice !!!

  • '90

    1/23/2009 8:48 AM

    good vibe! Fun set up... that's right!
    First ^^