Dennis Enarson in Las Vegas 27

Three-and-a-half years ago, we flew Dennis Enarson out to Las Vegas for a few days of riding and good times. In classic Enarson fashion, he did a year’s worth of crazy moves in a matter of a few sessions. It’s crazy to think that Dennis was this good in early 2011 and has only continued to get better since. There is absolutely no argument that Dennis is one of the very best in the world. - Kyle Carlson / 2014

Nike 6.0 rider Dennis Enarson destroys some cement parks and street spots in Las Vegas, Nevada. This dude is on another level...

Credit: Vital BMX
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  • mayho

    12/23/2012 12:38 AM

    manny feebs oppo whip all in 2.5 seconds, unreal

  • RapandBMX

    9/19/2011 3:56 PM

    0mg at the banger

  • Dylan Sheinberg

    9/12/2011 3:04 PM

    Dennis Enarson is my idol!!!

  • StevenLV

    6/14/2011 7:52 PM

    where is the ymca park does anyone kno?

  • kylecarlson

    2/2/2011 10:02 AM

    The Las Vegas skateparks in this video are Anthem, YMCA, Pro Park, and Betsey Rhodes.

  • Larz

    2/1/2011 11:32 AM

    what park is this in las vegas?

  • scottishmatt

    2/1/2011 10:02 AM

    haha awesome! was that cam hardy at the end?

  • hendorider5

    1/31/2011 9:19 PM

    he killed every spot and super sick raw dog double bar !!!

  • terrellgordy

    1/31/2011 7:37 PM

    Damn.... Hell yeah Dennis!

  • JonathanAllen

    1/31/2011 7:32 PM

    People like Dennis make me want to quit riding.

  • Terremoto

    1/31/2011 6:29 PM

    soo good to see u riding like that bro!

  • freecoaster bmx

    1/31/2011 2:27 PM

    I've been there and wow is all that needs to be said.

  • jimonbike

    1/31/2011 1:44 PM

    sick bar combos

  • oomesobikey

    1/31/2011 12:15 PM

    hahaha wow. ridiculous

  • Ryan Nyquist

    1/31/2011 10:02 AM

    mmmmmmmmmmmm... yummy bike riding. Dennis rules!!!

  • TheSaki

    1/31/2011 9:09 AM

    video lags like hell :s

  • freddyy

    1/31/2011 7:53 AM

    progression is crazy! enarson kills 8)

  • FIT_bOyEE

    1/31/2011 7:38 AM

    YES!!!! So dope!!! Dennis Enarson is on a whole nother level!!!!!!!!!! haha love Tammy, get stoked for Dennis on that manny to feeble to oppo whip, i would too though


    1/31/2011 3:57 AM

    omfg omfg omfg this blew my fucking mind amazing

  • CrazyBacon

    1/31/2011 1:59 AM

    Sweet freakin video, will watch it again :D