Dennis Enarson: Right Here - Video + Q&A 7

What happens when you take one of the best BMX riders of all time, pair him up with one of the best filmers in the game, and send them all over the world? Six minutes of BMX mastery. Watch the brand new project that Dennis believes is his best ever and learn a bit more about what runs through his brain...




Photos by Colin Mackay / Vans

How did this project come to fruition?

It actually all came about when I was getting pushed into the Olympic thing. I was down with it, but it never really felt right. I was Japan for an Olympic event after traveling a bunch and my back was killing me, so I didn’t ride. My back started feeling better after prelims had already happened, so I was out riding street. It made me think,

"I don’t want to spend the better years of my career chasing this Olympic shit."

It's cool for the guys that love it, but it isn't for me. I called Colin Mackay - Vans team manager - right then from Japan and was like “Dude, I know what I want to do. I want to film a video part. I want to make something cool.” When I got home from Japan, Colin and I started brainstorming and he got it approved from Vans. He let me map out a plan to make the best video part I could in a year. I picked Rich Forne to film, the cities we were taking trips to, and one dope dude on Vans to come with me on each trip. 

Why is it called “Right Here?”

Rich wanted to call it DNA - which was pretty cool, too - but for some legal reason, we couldn’t. I came up with Right Here because - just watching my footage - it’s something I say a lot. It kind of became a theme. When you’re not doing lines - you’re doing stuff you’re kind of sending, you’re just like, “Alright, right here.”

You’ve released a lot of projects throughout your career. Where does this one rank to you?

I’ve had a bunch I was really happy with. I’ve had a bunch where they kind of felt unfinished - like, I got over them and just wrapped them up. But I really feel like, if the internet went away and I could only keep one thing that I made in BMX, I’d pick this part to have as a memory. Probably the video I’m most proud of…

What affect did COVID have on your plans?

The coronavirus was shitty because I was about 80% done with everything. There were like five-to-ten clips I still wanted to get in California. Rich was going to come out, we were going to get those, and he was going to stay longer so we could edit it together. We were going to drop it this year at Rebel Jam, which obviously didn’t happen. I thought it was going to throw us back a month, then two months, then I saw the light and realized that I wasn’t going to see Rich for at least a year. Thankfully, Christian Rigal - one of my good friends - stepped up. He saved my ass on Caps Lock and he saved my ass on this whole Vans project. I got those clips that I really wanted with Christian and Rich edited everything together. Thanks to Christian for being someone I could trust to finish this with. 

What clip took you the longest to get?

There’s one clip I tried for Caps Lock and for this that I never got it - hahaha. The second clip - the overgrind to switch whip - probably took the most amount of tries. I only got to the end twice and thankfully landed the switch whip on the second one. It was a tall, slow overgrind, so it was really hard to get the perfect balance until the end.

What’s your favorite clip in the video?

Probably the whip at the end because it was such a long-term thing. I went there multiple times and it was always too windy. I wanted to whip it for Caps Lock, but just took dropping off of it. 

People might think I’ve done stuff that big, but that’s literally the scariest thing I’ve ever done. 

It took three different trips to San Francisco to get it. It was just me, Christian Rigal, Chad Kerley, and our friend Greg. I’ve been there with big crews and, the time I finally got it, it was just with a crew that I’ve been rolling around with since we were fifteen.

What was your favorite trip from this project?

I really can’t pick one. Medellin, Colombia, Seattle, Washington, Berlin, Germany, a month in California and Arizona with Rich, and finishing with Christian in California. I guess Colombia was probably my favorite if I had to pick. I’ve wanted to go there my whole life. 

What’s next?

I already started working on something for Haro. We built this kicker that we can just launch everywhere. It’s been really fun. After the video at my new ramp with Corey and Jason and this whole street part, I wanted to do something more on the fun side. After that, I think me and Nathan Williams are going to make a split part together. We both like camping and riding a lot of the same things. It’s easy to get motivated when we ride together - it’s kind of different. We don’t really give a shit about ledge lines - we just want to send stuff. It’s easier for us, really. 

Final thoughts?

I just really want to thank Rich - we became like brothers through this whole thing. Also, thanks to Colin Mackay for setting everything up and to all of the riders who went on trips with us - Pat Casey, Lewis Mills, Dan Lacey, Jason Watts, and Corey Walsh. 


Credit: Rich Forne | Vans
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