Dennis Enarson's Part from Nike 6.0 Movie 273

Nike 6.0 was is sharing Dennis Enarson's part from the "Writin on the Wall" exclusively with Vital BMX. The banger is bananas.

Credit: Nike 6.0
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  • D Thompson

    9/7/2010 8:28 PM

    im pretty sure that tailwhip is THEE, BIGGEST, GNARLIEST, AND SICKEST thing that has, and will ever be done on a bmx bike in this solar system

  • giannulis907

    12/14/2008 9:32 PM

    damn t\that tailwhip at the end was huge and that 360 off the loading dock was sick

  • Lacon

    12/10/2008 3:54 PM

    last shoot is fuckin insane!!

  • crazy ray

    12/9/2008 2:23 PM

    San Diego americas finest

  • danbless

    12/8/2008 6:56 PM

    TOO. GOOD.

  • cody_rez

    12/6/2008 6:42 PM

    wat is the name of this song and who sings it its a godly song

  • lets_play_bicycles

    12/3/2008 2:55 AM

    nice whips

  • untied/kink

    12/2/2008 7:50 PM

    that was a good part

  • 4thelove

    12/2/2008 7:24 AM

    The tailwhip drop made me cry!

  • dk bikes

    12/1/2008 11:57 AM

    that movie is gonna kick ass!

  • Grizz

    12/1/2008 7:17 AM

    whatever, forget you dennis

  • ridenorthwest

    11/30/2008 7:58 PM

    that drop at the end was fucken crazy!!

  • hanry

    11/30/2008 7:14 PM

    hmm saw some clips that look like its been shot on a single ccd camera

  • pitbmx

    11/30/2008 12:41 PM

    super sick riding dennis your. awesome

  • Peter G

    11/30/2008 11:03 AM


  • Grabo

    11/30/2008 9:18 AM

    dude can go sky high and still rip it on the streets. he ain't scurred of shit. Keep it up broseph.

  • apballer2

    11/29/2008 9:15 AM

    this video is sick!!! try listening to it with heores get remembered, legends never die by four years strong. it gos perfectly

  • danbless

    11/28/2008 3:15 PM

    Dennis is just way too good. It's just stupid. No one should be able to get that good in one lifetime. Much less in like 5 years or something. I hate my life now.

  • tibug

    11/28/2008 7:58 AM

    Song is D.A.N.C.E. by Justice [Feat Mos Def and Aesop Rock]

  • Oki

    11/28/2008 4:16 AM

    you have somebody that song

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