Drew Barker video 20

15 year-old shredder.

Credit: Jacob Lowe
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  • tim315

    4/18/2009 7:37 AM

    whats the song

  • whikkid witch

    1/6/2008 1:29 PM

    ive prolly rode with him 2 or 3 times.. and his style and tricks are so true!!

  • lil_KRIS_yo

    12/11/2007 7:56 AM

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  • ru_kidding_me

    12/10/2007 5:39 AM

    drew, i am so impressed. it is so cool to see how you have progressed since you were a kid. i am so glad that you are doing what you are good at and getting better every day. keep up the good work and hopefully you will get to go to the pros. you deserve it!

  • puige3

    12/9/2007 11:35 PM

    need to do some more manuals and 190 or together, but very good riding enyway!! keep going!

  • Biohazard

    12/9/2007 10:04 PM

    yeah like the video a lot i actually saw some cool stuff in it, and NO tailwhips, you see waaaaay yo much tailwhips these days bmxmontage and sourcemedia are right

  • bmxmontage

    12/9/2007 8:05 PM

    Sourcemedia I'm with you. Same on the other video... Well almost. All of the "prodigies" out there now just do a whip every 5 seconds... no style no real riding just whips. Not with this vid! Kid has talent and looks like hey actually has fun doing it. Thats what makes a damn good video. I watched a guys video last night... 1:30 video... seriously I counted 22 whips.

  • sourcemedia

    12/9/2007 8:07 AM

    not one whip in the whole video I'm impressed, good riding clean editing very well done

  • EvanRude

    12/9/2007 6:52 AM

    came up nig nig

  • louis12

    12/9/2007 1:13 AM

    nice vid .. how old are you when started to ride ?

  • nzcam

    12/8/2007 3:14 PM

    sweet vid

  • ChadKagy

    12/8/2007 2:32 PM

    Nice vid Drew.

  • foxrider18

    12/8/2007 2:07 PM

    I have quite a bit of work to do if I wanna be that good at 15 years old.

  • Alex Auerbach

    12/8/2007 1:36 PM

    so good, good stuff jacob and drew!

  • bmxchris256

    12/8/2007 1:29 PM

    if i could barspin and footjam better id be just as good as him...nice riding

  • Dennis Enarson

    12/8/2007 11:59 AM

    ya drew!!

  • christianbmxperu

    12/8/2007 6:52 AM

    what a 360 !! the last trick. de la yeah !

  • ridelittlebikes43

    12/8/2007 2:23 AM

    i no this kid...hes very good

  • billyridesadevice

    12/7/2007 1:20 PM

    ya bro i hope im tht good when im 15....i still got 2 years

  • sarcastic_jerk

    12/7/2007 11:52 AM

    awesome possum

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