Highlights from the FISE Montpellier dirt contest. Riders include Pat Casey, Todd Meyn, Daniel Sandoval, Ryan Taylor, and more. Bonus footage of Brett Banasiewicz starting a celebration riot!

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst
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  • Oscar_Costas Villaverde

    5/26/2012 4:56 AM

    song name¿?

  • cky199

    5/23/2012 1:35 PM

    awesome riding but Brett ripping down the barrier was unnecessary and it made me feel like he was being cocky

  • psychofire

    5/23/2012 2:49 PM

    i can disagree with that because maybe he was just having fun and wanted to get the crowd excited and if you look at him last year at like dew tour he was nervous and shy he never said anything just rode but here at fise he seems like he let loose and decided to finally have fun

  • patrik.pinter1

    5/23/2012 11:59 AM


  • julien

    5/23/2012 10:29 AM

    what a terrible crash at 2:30 knock out

  • ChrisWilmshurst

    5/23/2012 10:31 AM

    It was very harsh. He broke his eye socket.

  • CythoN

    5/23/2012 10:00 AM

    Great riding and edit! Who were the top 5?

  • ChrisWilmshurst

    5/23/2012 10:02 AM

    1. BANASIEWICZ Brett 17 ans South Bend In 95.83 pts
    2. CASEY Pat 18 ans Placentia, Ca 91.67 pts
    3. SALAZAR Victor 19 ans Fountain Valley 88.50 pts
    4. SALYERS Glenn 24 ans South Bend 87.67 pts
    5. KLINGER Seth 24 ans Winfield 85.67 pts

  • CythoN

    5/23/2012 10:17 AM


  • Mark Salvin

    5/23/2012 9:33 AM

    awesome. maddog killed it