Felt Bikes East Coast Trip #2: Party Rockin' in North Carolina 7

The final video from Felt's recent East Coast trip. Shreddin' and partyin' across North Carolina with Devon Smillie, Zak Earley, and Josh Betley.

Credit: Vital BMX
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  • josh.chase2

    10/30/2011 9:15 PM

    devon, you shred. but man you got to invest in some low cut socks. whats with the old man look with the shorts and high socks?

  • SoCalShreds

    10/29/2011 11:51 AM

    haha Nyquist is the man!

  • Cullen_Burchartz

    10/29/2011 5:06 AM

    lol "we didn't get arrested"

  • ultrablade

    10/29/2011 12:53 AM

    Great video! Hopefully I get stationed at Bragg so I can check some of these places out in North Carolina.

  • Ryan Nyquist

    10/28/2011 11:57 PM

    It FELT so good to have those guys ride my Unit. God it FELT good! SOOOOOOOOO good.

  • SoCalShreds

    10/28/2011 10:26 PM

    so cool! such an amazing team.. they deffinatly party rock it.

  • shadowbmx_13

    10/28/2011 9:46 PM