Free Flow Contest: Incline Club 41

Lots of shredding from the locals. Branden Kitsen won the event, Mike Groff took second, Vinny Mannino got the third spot, Sean Ricany was fourth, and Zane Bradley took fifth .

Credit: Cj Capozzoli
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  • Glen Purdy

    4/13/2010 5:25 PM

    cool video

  • max bmx

    7/25/2009 10:42 PM

    wow you guys were sick

  • BradSecor

    7/10/2009 2:56 PM

    the song is sick

  • peoplethewe

    7/5/2009 10:33 PM

    fuckin insane

  • CjCapozzoli

    6/4/2009 7:27 AM

    yup brad jameson at :11

  • dk bikes1

    6/3/2009 1:29 PM


  • danix3music

    6/3/2009 4:51 AM

    pretty sick vid

  • odsyv4

    6/2/2009 9:17 PM

    all the kids in that comp were am i rode with them over break lmao sean cracks me up "give her a break shes a girl"

  • lonniep

    6/1/2009 8:16 PM

    all them dudes killed it and had compeltly differnt styles this video was amazing

  • LUMPYpumpANDdump

    6/1/2009 7:26 PM

    One time I saw my Grandmother in the shower. Her bush starts above her belly button.

  • PAparkRAT

    6/1/2009 5:58 PM

    Ive seen Kiston ride there before; INSANE AIRS!!

  • JohannesVarkki

    6/1/2009 2:52 PM

    I'm so jealous, Estonia skateparks can't be compared to those in US. Sick riding!

  • flybmx

    6/1/2009 1:42 PM

    was that brad jameson at :11?

  • bmx4life121303

    6/1/2009 10:14 AM

    ok so if vinnie is not a pro and he is an am then why did he enter the hackettstown contest as a pro and not an am and to me if you still rolling away even though it is on the frame u pulled the trick

  • ryanxanimalbmx

    6/1/2009 8:50 AM

    sick i kno all these people i love the new thigns incline club did to the park

  • bmxBD

    6/1/2009 4:50 AM

    um no, vinnie is am he is not pro.

  • FiVE-oNe-51

    6/1/2009 12:22 AM

    thos kids owned the little kid doin hectic tucks man and that guy didnt land that triple and he claimed it

  • bmx4life121303

    5/31/2009 10:58 PM

    the kid who pulled the triple whip is not an am he is a pro the free flow is not just an am contest lil sean rides in other contest as a pro not an am

  • bmxBD

    5/31/2009 8:09 PM

    btw im 6 2, so that should give you an idea how he blasted that quarter.

  • bmxBD

    5/31/2009 7:56 PM

    haha wooo im on the home page pic but not in the video. that day was a lotta fun

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