Greenville Giant Jump Session 127

The giant jump in front of The Unit gets a workout. Dan Sieg comes through with a serious banger...

Credit: Terrel Gordy
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  • ¯¯\-Sean-/¯¯

    3/26/2012 7:25 PM

    not only was it a frontflip double bar but it was a front flip dickfooted double bar :o!

  • SoCalShreds

    3/25/2012 12:10 PM

    @terrellgordy, Id say Dan Foleys riding is still simple and pure! Dan Foleys the man.
    and wow, frontie double bar thats amazing!

  • Kevin_Sieg

    3/12/2011 5:46 PM

    thats my bro

  • swash50

    10/14/2009 5:11 PM

    unbelievable 8->

  • LAteddy

    10/13/2009 2:18 PM

    no tank there was no catch. i dunno which is harder slinging em and not holding your bars that long or slinging em catching em and slinging em again in a frontflip...

  • sehlert

    10/13/2009 2:17 PM

    Here is the music! Secret Suburbia - White Flight

  • sergio.ruiz

    10/12/2009 10:21 PM

    es increible, este hombre tiene huevos

  • tank123

    10/12/2009 5:37 PM

    that wasnt a frontflip double bar. it was a front flip bar catch bar. witch makes it even more crazy

  • jb jam'n

    10/12/2009 1:17 PM

    Soooooo Rad!!!!!!!

  • keane_str_2112

    10/12/2009 11:28 AM


  • bikemandrews

    10/11/2009 5:14 PM

    The tent,the moon?

  • bikemandrews

    10/11/2009 5:10 PM

    Dan that was truely awsome, but not as good as our evening in the desert of Oman. Remember?

  • alex bmx

    10/11/2009 4:11 PM

    crazy !

  • Abmxernamedalex

    10/11/2009 3:49 PM

    that trick is as big as his pants! his ego must have needed another boost , i assume thats why this was reposted a year later. its ok dan i still love ya man!

  • ferthebirdz

    10/11/2009 1:29 PM

    okay i already have dislexia.. when i see a name like dan sieg.. i have this crick in my brain that says.. san dieg.. and it trips me out everytime i see it!

  • terrellgordy

    10/11/2009 1:06 PM

    Dan Foley's riding was just so simple back then.

  • jimonbike

    10/11/2009 12:51 PM


  • ben c

    10/11/2009 3:00 AM

    what song is this?

  • getskyhigh

    10/11/2009 2:25 AM

    ur stupid vvvvchase hawk is a flow rider not like this guy

  • RiverSideRider

    10/11/2009 1:32 AM

    dan foley rides like chase hawk same style i think