Haro Bikes at Interbike 2017

At Interbike 2017, Haro introduced a bunch of new bikes and products. We caught up with brand manager John Buultjens to get the official tour.

First up was the newest Dave Mirra tribute bike. This bike is based off of Dave's white stead from the year 2000. It's a lot lighter than the original, but matches all of the cosmetic details.

Next up was a 29 inch Haro Group 1. Yeah, that's right - a 29 inch. Haro continues moving forward with their series of throwback bikes and has officially introduced 26 and 29 inch models for 2018.

Finally, we looked at a few aftermarket products - Chad Kerley's signature frame, multiple crank models, Dave Mirra tribute seats, and new Fusion pegs.

Another impressive showing from Haro! Dig in an tell us what you think.

Credit: Vital BMX
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