Has Parker Heath Finally Arrived?

I like Parker Heath. He’s a nice kid. Chances are you’ve seen him pop up on the site a few times over the past couple of years. He’s a good rider. But, hey… it’s 2018. There are thousands of “good riders.” What makes Parker special? What makes him stand out? Minus being really tall and his love for a few obscure tricks, never a whole lot. If he didn’t live ten minutes down the road, chances are we wouldn’t have ever worked together. 

Well, that all changed with this new video.

Here it is. Parker is legit. He has finally arrived. Every clip in this is pro-level and I feel like a total idiot for ever doubting him. 

Parker has matured from just another kid at the skatepark to a man jumping off roofs and doing crooked grinds down huge rails. He really stepped out of his comfort zone for this and the ability to step out of a comfort zone is something special. 

Hopefully this is the first of many pieces from Parker 2.0. Watch it, enjoy it, and learn a bit more about the process below. Oh, and if Parker’s parents read this - sorry for telling your son to hang out at breweries and travel to weird cities around the world. It’s not my fault he listens to me.

Photo: Ratty Matty

I feel like this is by far the best video you’ve ever put out. Do you feel the same way?

Thanks! Yeah, I can say I would agree with that. This is the first part I’ve really spent time on and I tried to step out of my comfort zone in different ways.

What made filming this video different than everything else you’ve filmed for? 

Definitely filming the majority of this video up in LA county made it different. Fernando and I live two-and-a-half hours away from each other and could only meet up on the weekends. I had never ridden in the LA area previously and it was definitely an interesting experience to make the mission up there every weekend and never know for certain know what I was getting into.

How many days of filming went into this?

I don’t know the exact number of days, but we filmed almost every weekend, give or take a few, over the past four months.

How old are you now?

I am 19.

Photo: Ratty Matty

Do you have a job?

I don’t at the moment, but I am currently a full time student at San Diego City College and ride BMX shows seasonally.

When did you start riding for Demolition?

I started riding for Demolition in spring of 2017.

How did that go down?

I’ve known Dennis Enarson since I was young. He and I always ride together when he’s in town. After I stopped riding for Redline, he put in a good word over at Demo. I then met all the dudes, saw how rad they are, and here we are!

Who else are you riding for right now?

I also ride for Kali, Etnies, and Bold Brew Coffee.

Photo: Chris Hernandez

Tell us about filming with Fernando for this piece…

This was my first time working with Fernando, aside from getting clips with him occasionally at local jams. He is the man when it comes to being productive! He is always down to put in work on long days, find new spots, and make every clip look quality. We both definitely collaborated on ideas throughout the video on how we wanted to capture certain clips or concepts. I am stoked with the end result! 

After spending all of this time together, do you guys hate each other now?

Hahaha. No way! I hope to work on some kind of video with him again soon!

Did you make it a point to include street and park riding or did it just kind of end up that way?

I really enjoy riding everything equally and, when it comes to filming, I wanted to get stuff that felt rewarding. I had to step out of my comfort zone a bit. With this approach, I ended up having a majority of street clips, with some fun park tricks also.

Why do you ride off so many roofs?

Roofs tend to have some of the greatest opportunities! Unique tranny, gaps, drops, ledges… You never know! Just look up and you might find something different! Hahaha.

Photo: Alex Leibrock

Are you aware that you’re really tall, so the roofs don’t look as tall as they actually are?

Uhhh.. I guess so… Hahaha.

How tall are you?- 

I’m 6’3"

What’s your favorite clip in here?

It’s hard to pick, but probably that long crook on the twenty stair. I was psyching myself out so hard on holding a crook down that thing, but was so stoked to get it first try! I’m sure you can tell with my reaction. Hahaha.

Which clip took the longest to get?

Probably the roof-to-roof barpsin to 180 to flat off the shed. That roof was slanted and pretty short.

What’s with the occasional helmet switch-up?

I started out riding freestyle with a full-face helmet and it just stuck with me - and still does whenever I ride parks, bowls, and dirt. When I started riding street, I felt more comfortable wearing just a normal half-shell helmet. Kinda just keeping them separate like theat works for me! Full-face in the park, half-shell in the streets.

Tell us a funny story from the filming of this…

One of the best things I will remember from this was getting that feeble down the blue ledge. I had eyed it up for a while and was sweating it because of the short run up, how tall it is, and how much of a bust it is. It’s literally right in front of someone’s front door to their home. As I was getting ready for it, both homeowners came out, and were not happy I was on their turf. I calmed them down and didn’t tell them exactly what I was going to be doing, took one shot to get the grind down it, and we were all hyped and ready to pack up to get outta there. Doing so, the homeowners were pretty pissed off and told us to get out, as we already were. Fifteen minutes-or-so later, after clip review down the street, we decide to move on with the day. As we were getting back to my truck to load up, we were suddenly rushed by multiple cop cars. They jumped out and detained both Fern and I. They accused us of breaking into a nearby home. We were in shock and disbelief to say the least! After the cops talked with other witnesses and our photographer friend down the street, they realize it was a big misunderstanding and let us go with nor charges or complications. We were laughing our asses off in disbelief the rest of the day and stoked we still got a rad clip and an epic photo! 

Photo: Ratty Matty

Overall, are you happy with the video? I know you said there are some things you wanted that didn’t get done…

Overall, I am definitely happy with the end product of this video. I’d for sure love to get back out there soon and get more stuff I had in mind and other new stuff. I progressed so much in the process of filming this, but that just come’s with the territory of filming! It’s always gonna push you to do better as a rider! 

Are you still trying to focus on riding contests? I feel like this video is a lot better than any of your contest results…

Yeah. When I am not out of town focusing on a contest, I’d love to be home working on all kinds of new video projects to keep me busy. I love contests and filming equally! 

What’s next for you?

I’m going to hit up a few of the Vans BMX Pro Cup stops this year and hopefully start a couple other video projects in the mean time. And, of course just keep riding as much as I can and enjoying life!

Credit: Fernando Gomarín Olaiz / Demolition
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