How-To Nosedive-360 36

Christian Rigal is one of the best riders in the game at nosedive-360s. Maybe you can give him a run for his money after watching this.

Credit: Kyle Carlson
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  • Tommy-Bikes

    5/25/2009 11:47 AM


  • danshepherdengland

    12/17/2008 5:50 PM

    thats rong because i tryed that on the box in my local and it just whent in to a normal 3

  • gera_1489

    12/11/2008 8:43 PM

    simply insane

  • ChristianRigal

    12/8/2008 9:07 AM

    oppo footed or not i think it would be the same...

    be carefull in the foam pit with this, its easy to try an go to crazy with the spin an then there hard to do on a regular ramp. its better to learn by trial an error so you get comfortable with the spin and ejecting.

    hope that helps.

    thanks for the good words

  • redlineboy666

    12/8/2008 8:54 AM

    i tried this into the foam pit saturday and i was amazed at how much that helped my 3's. thanks alot chris.

  • xryde4lyfex

    12/8/2008 7:32 AM

    Good job Christian. Dialed nose 3's! You think there's anything different you have to do with opposite footing ? Spinning has been a problem for me. For some reason i cant spin fast unless I spin opposite.

  • bmxdave72

    12/7/2008 11:47 AM

    i tried these 2day and got nosedive 5s!!dunno if thats good or

  • mattie

    12/5/2008 5:32 PM

    i just learned these there my fav. trick to do

  • ltldvl87

    12/5/2008 1:06 PM

    next it will be how to nosedive 720...insane

  • GreekAlmighty

    12/5/2008 10:04 AM

    sick,but dude you over rotated every single one of em haha.wish i could throw 3s like this.only box jump around has such a mellow landing.its lame

  • Rideyourbike

    12/4/2008 6:00 PM

    thats sick.... thnx man.. keep it real and ride dirty ..haha

  • ChristianRigal

    12/4/2008 5:26 PM

    thanks james. get well soon homie!

    the dole bars dont flex like other bars ive had, and the hold up jumping to flat well.

  • Levistrongarm

    12/4/2008 5:05 PM

    Whts the name of the song?

  • Rideyourbike

    12/4/2008 4:04 PM

    are they sturdy bars? i hate running lumberjacks too flex feeling.... nice vid btw

  • jamesfoster

    12/4/2008 3:49 PM

    That was pretty fucking awesome Christian. Fun to watch, and helpful. I'm gonna try that shit when I can ride again. Good how to.

  • ChristianRigal

    12/4/2008 10:47 AM

    I run uncut Demolition pa bars....

  • Rideyourbike

    12/4/2008 10:12 AM

    dude wat bars is he riding

  • deks420

    12/4/2008 7:16 AM

    Siks yah

  • strictlybmxcrew

    12/3/2008 9:40 PM

    i can dip vertical :D good tips

  • Pedalbiker

    12/3/2008 5:54 PM

    my favorite trick!