Is 16-Year-Old Kieran Reilly the UK's Next BMX Superstar? 5

English young gun Kieran Reilly recently popped up on the BMX radar by dropping some killer clips in Tall Order web videos. After an impressive appearance at FISE: Montpellier, Kieran showed that he's the real deal. We caught up with Kieran to learn a bit more about him and his BMX aspirations - 

Where are you from?

I live in Gateshead, Newcastle - the northeast of England.

How long have you been riding?

I’ve ridden - or at least gone down to the skatepark - for eight years. Coming up on nine.

How did you get so damn good at such a young age?

At a young age, I rode a small concrete skatepark that is only a football field away from my house. The ramps there are small to me now, but back then they were sick to me. I watched older kids doing tricks and felt the need to try ‘em, even if they were way past my skill level. I began slowly learning tricks. The first thing I learned was a flyout 180. I was enjoying the progression and it made me want to do more, so I just kept going.

What do your parents think of BMX?

My parents are extremely supportive of my riding. They help me in every way they can. When I was younger, my dad would do laps of the UK taking me to every amateur jam and contest he could get me to. We visited places like Unit 23 and Rampworx countless times just to ride better parks because there isn’t much where we live. 

What parks do you ride on a regular basis?

Growing up, I rode indoor parks like Dynamic and Override a lot, but now - when I’m home - I ride a lot more outdoor parks and try to travel with friends to hit better parks as often as we can.

What riders do you ride with on a regular basis?

I ride mainly with locals from around my way, but we always get a sick session in. When I travel, I have some close friends I ride with. I recently flew to Germany with Kaine Mitchell and Oakley Way. I also try to ride with the Tall Order boys as much as I can. 

Who are some of your favorite riders?

I have a few riders I really look up to in no particular order. James Jones is so sick. I’ve never seen anyone pedal as fast at a quarter as he does. He’s got a sick attitude to the sport, too. I’ve always looked up massively to Harry Main as well. When Iw as growing up, he was arguably one of the best BMX riders there was, so I was hooked on watching him ride. Kyle Baldock is another rider I look up to because of his riding and personality - all around he’s a sick guy and absolutely kills it. Finally, Brian Fox. He rides hard, but is the funniest BMX rider I’ve ever met. He is not at all serious and really makes good vibes.

What bike are you currently riding?

I currently ride a full Tall Order setup. I have the blue 187 frame in 20.4, which feels sick. I’ve had a few of these frames and never had a problem!

Do you go to school?

I finished my exams in May of 2017 and started a joinery apprenticeship in September. I’ve worked Monday to Friday ever since.

How was your first FISE contest experience?

FISE was amazing - I can’t thank Sebastian Keep enough for getting me there and sorting everything for me so I could have the experience. My week in Montpellier was amazing. Watching everyone push each other and motivate each other is sick. I rode my best, met some amazing people, and had a sick time overall.

Will you be competing at any of the other FISE events this year?

I’d really like to try to hit FISE again this year, but it’s hard - I have limited time off work. Maybe I’ll try to get to Budapest. We’ll see…

How did you get on Tall Order?

Back in 2015, I started riding a lot with Ben Hennon at his private park, The Hideout. Me and Ben became close mates and he pushed me a lot and really helped my riding. Ben has always been close to Sebastian Keep and Bas began looking for a team when he started Tall Order. He was interested in my riding and progression and asked Ben what I was like and, bearing in mind where I am now, I think Ben told Bas how it was. I love riding and was hungry to progress more and more.

Who else do you currently ride for?

As well as Tall Order, I ride for Seventies Distribution who help me out with bikes and everything I need that Tall Order doesn’t produce. I also ride for my local indoor - Override - who have helped me a lot in the past.

Have you done a 720 double tailwhip on a real box yet?

The 720 double whip is definitely one of the best and scariest tricks I’ve ever done, but I have only done it to resi. I honestly think a resi box somewhere with a higher roof and a wood box to go to after would be my perfect setup. 

Any big plans this summer? 

No plans as of now for summer, but I’m no  stranger to a spontaneous trip to get away, so hopefully I’ll just be riding as hard as usual and see what happens!

What are your goals for the next few years?

Keep progressing, having a load of fun, and meeting good people so I still enjoying riding and competing. All in all, if I was able to not have to work a job Monday to Friday, I’d be living the dream.

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