John Jennings Music Video 39

What else is John Jennings into? How about making music. Check this video for proof.

Credit: CJ Capozzoli
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  • dASender

    3/13/2009 2:35 PM

    Fine... I am there . Feeling it . It would not hurt to hear about some B I K E line . peace out.

  • malcolm pitts

    2/10/2009 10:19 AM

    dude you r a FUCKING dick

  • brant m. wade B.M.W

    2/7/2009 4:33 PM

    can't xrap better then me but cool lol

  • chad.c

    2/7/2009 12:41 AM

    dude..... this is awesome what you are doing, you are ministering to people all over the world with something as simple as this is. and i really enjoy seeing this stuff happening .... so keep it up!!!.

    god bless

  • njbiker

    2/4/2009 4:27 PM


  • bmxfreak1811

    2/4/2009 2:24 PM

    wow fukkn give em props he can prob rap better then all you

  • IRollOnRubber20s

    2/2/2009 2:45 PM

    u fuckin jug stick to two wheels stay off the mike

  • micahd

    2/2/2009 2:15 PM

    i thought it was alright but i mean it is white rap

  • spadesandflats

    2/2/2009 10:26 AM

    Id like to punch all these JJ haters in the face, the man is awesome all these little punks leavn hater comments and dont know what is really going on, pisses me off im lookn 4 u. John that shit is full of flavor, and keep doin what yer doin!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clownface09

    2/2/2009 9:44 AM


  • ThexPlotxSickens

    2/1/2009 8:05 PM

    ha oh man, I miss seeing the jennings around who used to listen shitty punk rock at the TR park and was wild as hell before he found god and became a weirdo who raps about god..

  • fitrider08

    2/1/2009 3:23 AM


  • DragonMan91

    1/31/2009 11:42 AM

    that was some kick ass ridin man u r crazy that tripple whip 360 backflip was soo sick

  • hbrider995

    1/31/2009 7:59 AM

    hahaha whaaaaaaatssss whaaaatttttt. dude sing some fucking metal

  • StReeTMoNsTeR

    1/30/2009 4:48 PM

    do what you do. fuck the bitches who try to stop you

  • DamiJab

    1/29/2009 8:03 AM

    Keep doing what your doing man. Right on.

  • hickey138

    1/28/2009 10:52 PM

    Definitely liked this 100% more than TJ Lavins song. Word.

  • Brad Geeezy

    1/28/2009 7:57 PM


  • thegwz

    1/28/2009 2:58 PM

    Yo son keep putting it down dont let these other punk ass' tell you diffrent, you doning a great this and you'll be blessed for it. keep holding it down for christ, I know what your doing and its for the one above so keep doing it. As a believer in christ,keep telling them and never stop!!!

  • orlandobmx

    1/28/2009 1:32 PM

    hey if thats what your into keep it up. its not really my style with the whole chyea stuff but mad respect. the message is real. DEUCESSSSSSS

    stay stong Steven Murray & Mike Aitken