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Chilean shredder Jose Cedano recently teamed up with Juani Zurita and stacked the best the best video of his career. Watch him throw down street, parks, and dirt hammers in Santiago, Chile and Southern California and learn about everything that went into the project!


How much time did you spend filming this project?

About a year-and-a-half. Almost two years now, but only because we sat on it for a little bit too long, but filming took about a year-and-a-half.

I think it’s the best video you’ve ever put out. Do you agree?

100%. It's my best video so far. I’m so stoked on how it came out and excited for everyone to see it.

Where all did you film?

The video was filmed in between Santiago, Chile and  Southern California.

It seems like you’re spending a lot more time in California than Chile these days. Is California officially your “home?”

I've been coming for six months at a time for the last four years. Not long ago, I got my athlete visa and I can stay longer, so that's definitely a step on the right direction. I’m hopefully getting a new one soon and then I'll definitely be calling California my new home for the next three years, at least.

What's it like working with Juani Zurita?

Working with Juani is literally a dream come true. We grew up together and I saw him getting so good at filming and editing. When the moment to start my first video project came, it was obvious I was gonna ask him. Working with him is so fun and I don't have to worry about him because he just knows how I ride and basically how to make me look way cooler than I actually am - haha! He's one of my best friends, so working with him is just like having a session. Having him there motivates me a lot.

What’s your favorite clip in the video?

My favorite clip in the video is the flair to 180 bar off. That spot is just so epic and the fact I could get a clip there was amazing. The spot is in Chile, too - so it was sick to have some local spots in the video.

Which clip took you the longest to get?

The opening clip - the 360 whip from the parking lot to the street. It took 3 trips to the spot and a lot of tries. The day that I got it it was actually the second-to-last day of Juani being in the States, so we drove from Tehachapi down to San Diego, got there at like 11pm, slept a few hours, woke up at 6am, went to the spot, filmed it, and then instantly drive back so Juani could pack his bags and leave.

I was surprised to see a few solid street clips in there. How often do you ride street?

I ride street all the time. It’s so fun and challenging. Most of my friends ride street 90% of the time and I prefer to not ride by myself, so I ride street a lot. I just get weirded out by being the only one at the session with a gyro, but that's just the way it is. I love brakes and am probably never gonna take them off. Are brakes ever gonna be cool again? Still gonna ride them, but are they? Haha.

Tell us about the last clip… How’d you come up with the idea? How many tries did it take?

I'm going to be honest - that clip was 100% Tomas Fuentes idea. We were at my local - Zignal Park - and I told him I wanted to film my last trick for my video there, but that I didn't want it to be a box trick or something basic. A few days later, we were riding there again and he told me I should do the manny across the vert ramp and we both laughed, but then we went and realized that it was possible. That trick was on my mind, haunting me from that moment until I did it a week-or-so later. It took a solid amount of tries and I was running out of daylight, but the first time I made it across the deck on the manny, I threw the bars. The scary part was the manny dropping just before the edge - which happened the try before - so I knew I had to do it.

What’s on your schedule for the next few months?

I'm actually going back to Chile in a few weeks. I don't want to go because it's so bad right now - everything is still on lockdown and there's a slight chance I might not be able to come back when I want to because they might close the border again. But, if everything goes right, I’ll be in Chile for a month and then coming back to California to work on some projects that I just closed and, most importantly, moving to San Diego. I’m actually moving there with Juani, so we're both really excited for this next few months

Any other video projects in the works?

Yes! I just finished talking about doing a big video project that will involve an energy drink. That's as much as I can tell for now, but super stoked for that!

Credit: Juani Zurita
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