Josh Cox Edit 39

UK tech wizard Josh Cox escaped the harsh winter enough times to get this bangin' edit together.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst
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  • bozyy

    8/4/2010 7:34 AM

    Josh cox = amazing !

  • That Weasel

    6/25/2010 7:09 PM

    any1 tell me the exact name of those globes he's wearin?

  • karl walker

    2/7/2010 3:51 AM

    anyone know the song

  • Ben-Smith-Bmx

    1/21/2010 7:13 PM

    JOSH man STOKED on your edit man loved it.... I loved it when you shown me before it come out it was sickk brooo keep shredding dude luv ya xx

  • Smithers

    1/21/2010 1:40 AM

    fuck yer dope edit bro

  • masonridesbmx99

    1/20/2010 12:48 PM

    hes perfect, and im pretty sure mark webb is sitting on the quarter at :50 !

  • senorita jim

    1/19/2010 7:29 PM

    Where is that first reddich skatepark. That thing is dope

  • scottishmatt

    1/19/2010 3:26 PM

    im feeling that, nice edit

  • migo123bmx

    1/19/2010 3:04 PM

    its redditch skatepark

  • D@N!3L D3 L@ R!V@

    1/19/2010 2:26 PM

    so good loved it. tech as it gets!

  • ChrisWilmshurst

    1/19/2010 2:20 PM

    John... I rock orchids!

  • BradMX

    1/19/2010 2:07 PM

    Super smooth. I'm calling top 5 simple session..

  • adamtgarrison

    1/19/2010 1:37 PM

    wherever you ride, people dont seem impressed in the back round. but i am

  • bigfootbmx33

    1/19/2010 12:48 PM

    nice riding

  • 94mongoose

    1/19/2010 12:33 PM

    yep, thats some magic there. come on england... expecting a good simple session result from him

  • dan556

    1/19/2010 12:32 PM

    where's the outdoor park at the begining?

  • edwinnn07

    1/19/2010 12:20 PM

    omg that comment below made me lol,
    get real you have a picture of u jumpin into a foam pit

  • Sam waine

    1/19/2010 12:18 PM

    3 bar grab bar? what the fuck are you on about? your shit, why do people get so excited about all this footjam ugly no style crap?? learn to ride with style before all the gay tricks youve learnt at corby Smile

  • TaskerUK

    1/19/2010 12:15 PM

    Smooooth edit!

  • johnhicks

    1/19/2010 10:16 AM

    yeaaaa chris wilmshurst sippin' margaritas on the beach in his adidas !

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