KHE at Interbike 14

New hubs and tires from KHE BMX.

Credit: Kyle Carlson
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  • quiktrip

    5/18/2008 8:38 PM

    yea they make the best coasters out there no doubt

  • fitme

    10/26/2007 6:54 PM

    reverse hub is the best i just got one like 3 weeks ago if u buy one and it has a realy big skip take it into an bmx store and just get them to put anoyhere washer in

    props for the guy who didnt speak english

  • jessejfbmx09

    10/4/2007 1:37 PM

    poor guy

  • zack16skies

    10/3/2007 7:58 AM

    Alfredo Manacuso is dope as hell! That nigga knows how to ride a bike...

  • stlnbkr

    10/3/2007 7:37 AM

    KHE old school bmx thats progressed thru the years the way a bmx company should

  • FOXX

    10/3/2007 3:26 AM

    the stuff kinda talks for itself

  • Kaoz314

    10/2/2007 2:43 PM

    despite his broken english KHE seems real professional, i think im goin to buy that reverse hub


    10/2/2007 1:26 PM

    hes struggling to talk english


    10/2/2007 1:26 PM

    hes struggling to talk english

  • srbmx

    10/2/2007 1:02 PM

    kay chee bikes

  • mutinybabe

    10/2/2007 1:00 PM

    i bet khe is older than half u people hahah

  • Alflairdo

    10/2/2007 11:54 AM

    That German will crush you!

  • sarcastic_jerk

    10/2/2007 9:53 AM

    jah we like show you jah

  • burks1328

    10/2/2007 5:31 AM

    this guy makes me want to buy khe parts cuz he intimidates me like the terminator