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A wild new video featuring one hell of a spin by Karl Immers. Watch and learn all about what went into his 1440!



We’ll get into the whole video, but let’s pick this up at the end. The 1440. Where did this come from?

I’ve wanted to do this trick from when I landed my first 360. I love the feeling of just spinning. From watching Mike Spinner land the first 1080 to watching Todd Meyn try the 1440 to resi, I knew this was a trick I wanted. I would be lying to say I didn’t want to do it first…

Have you been working on this for a while?

I gave it an honest try about two-years-ago; to resi, though. But ,for some reason, I tried it flyout, but I got decently close - made it just passed 1260. A little later on, I had the opportunity to head to the Nitro Games. I started trying them off of the larger jump at Tahoe into the foam pit, but sadly, that got cancelled because of the virus. 

How do you even prepare to start sending something this wild?

Luckily, I get a lot of access to a foam pit, so it really is just a lot of tweaking until it works. I had them fairly consistent before day one of trying; which I had no idea when I went to work that day, later on I’d be trying it. I actually called my buddy asking about the jump because I was thinking about it. What do you know, he said it was perfect and running great that day. So, it was a last second decision to head out there and give it a try.

How many tries did it take to stick the landing? 

It actually took only ten tries. On the first day, I gave it six attempts, but was never landing with the front wheel down. On my last try, I landed completely on my hip and had to be helped home. The next attempt was as soon as I could ride well enough to give it another go - just about two weeks. Luckily, the week leading up to it, one of my friends, Taylor, gave me some awesome ideas on how to spin a little differently from his snow sports background. So, the last four attempts all landed both wheels down - it was just about staying on the bike!

Where is this setup? Did you build it just for the 1440?

This jump is just north of Reno. I’m sure you also saw the insane clip my good friend Mark Rubio got on it of the 1080. It’s actually the amazing property of the pro mountain bike rider Cam Zink. He was gracious enough to let me come out there and try it out. Huge shout out to him for letting me ride this place. Also, for everyone else that doesn’t know, that jump is absolutely tiny compared to some of the jumps I saw at that place. 

It looks like you slow down the spin in the final rotation. Do you think you could do it on something smaller?

Absolutely! I slow it down just to prepare the landing. It’s a lot of force coming down after spinning like that, but I know for a fact it can be done on a smaller jump. 

Do you think this is a trick you’re going to continue doing or did you just want to check it off the list and move on?

I’m definitely planning on doing it more. It would be awesome to make this into a regular trick! I just have to let my body heal up. I took two pretty bad crashes while filming this, so I can’t wait to be back to 100%… ish!

Your family is a key focus of the video. Tell us a little about them…

So, my son Mason is fresh into kindergarten and he is already such a crazy kid. He loves just being outside and he has such little fear that it honestly stresses me out. I never thought that I would be such a worrisome dad, but it is what it is! Charlie, my daughter, is right about to turn three and she has even less fear than he does. She’s my hyper little angel. They love each other more than anything and I love just being able to call them mine. I’m so proud of them in just the short time they’ve been on this Earth! I also wanted to give a quick highlight to some of my friends in the video, whether it was their laughs or just the support. They really are a big part of why I am wanting to push myself so hard, as well as my lady. She helped support me the whole way through this. Whether it was taking care of my injuries or just giving me a good laugh at the house. She’s awesome! 

Aside from the 1440, what’s you personal favorite clip in the video?

My son and I - the first clip of the video. It was cool to be able to get a little clip of him. I’m also obsessed with mini flairs. My son also loves them. I can double flip some pretty decent-sized jumps and he won’t seem to care too much, but I do a mini flair, he congratulates me every time. 

What clip took you the longest to get?

Definitely the 360 downy to x ride. I was mostly just being a wimp and not leaning forward on the x ride, so I ended up going down quite a few times. As you see, the camera malfunctioned and put the saturation in quite a weird spot, but I loved that clip!

Any other huge tricks currently in your sights?

I am actually working on a few right now, but just like any other bike rider - it stays secretive. Maybe more than 1440…

Any big plans for the rest of the year?

Nothing specific. Trying to make my way out to some contests now that the virus is finally cooling off. And enjoy some pumpkin pie, because it’s only here for so little of the year. 



Credit: @shawnhowe, @Eljay_P
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