Keelan Phillips Bio - English Flatland Wizard 3

Flatland madness from Keelan Phillips that will make your head spin. You don't have to be a flatland rider to appreciate this insanity...

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst
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  • dennis2000

    7/14/2013 11:21 AM

    I love watching flat that clearly has street influence, or vice versa. I am soo jealous, ever since I started riding I always wanted to have a decent background in flat because it seriously carries over in all aspects of your riding. Its crazy because the younger gen. \don't realize that every single rider who came up in the 80 and early 90's were good flatland riders as well. they had to be, it was just the direction the contests an the sports were going. Soo many tricks on street and ramps were invented by flatlanders, and never get the credit they deserve.
    the guys who didn't fade away like dmc, Hoffman, mirra, were all awesome flatland riders, but the whole field were great as well, the whole gt freestyle team, was a great example...they really pushed the sport big time. They were inventing tricks on the road. Guts like Nolli, Voelker, Blyther, Haugen, were ridic. ramp riders but were all established flat riders. and these guys were some of the most tech yet gnarly riders in the 80/s to 90's

  • connor.dejongh

    7/14/2013 6:53 AM

    This is bloody mental

  • zachkrejmas

    7/12/2013 2:18 PM