Kenneth Tencio - Bangers and Olympic Mentality

Kenneth Tencio has been riding like a man possessed as of late. Watch some of his insane new moves and learn about his fine-tuned mentality leading into the 2020 Olympics -

You’ve been riding like a mad man lately. What got into you?

Last year was a tough one for me. In between focusing on collecting points for The Olympics - that was a new thing for everyone - and a couple of injuries that I was battling the whole year, I wasn't able to ride how I wanted. Also, many of the competitions I rode made me lose focus on why I was riding bikes. But, the last few months with less trips, less stress, and more time in the gym, my body is feeling strong and it's really making me enjoy riding. That's when the progression starts! 

You’ve always worked hard on your bike, but it looks like you’ve really taken it to the next level. Is this a conscious decision? 

I'd say it's a combination of conscious and unconscious. If you feel good, you definitely ride better. But I've also been pushing myself to do the hard tricks as a normal routine so they will become easier every time.

I assume The Olympics are a big motivating factor here. Am I correct?

My country only has one gold Olympic medal and four medals in total. Just to get there and compete will be amazing, but the opportunity to bring something for my country has me on a mission, so I have to get ready now!

What all have you changed at your park lately?

With the new roof, you don't get cooked as quickly - haha! We also changed all of the wood and moved some of the ramps so it opens a few new transfer lines and creates more speed for some tricks.

Do you feel like you have everything you need there or do you still need to travel and train other places?

My park is really basic, but I have most of the ramps I need and a resi that I can move wherever I want it. But riding different ramps, different transitions, and with different people is a must if you want to progress. It gives you different sensations, vibes, and control on your bike.

What are some of the new tricks that you’ve been working on?

I've been doing as many different tricks as I can every day, so when I'm at a contest, I have options. A couple tricks - the flip windshield wiper and 540 flairs - have been a big focus because I really like them.

All signs point to you being in The Olympics, but you’re technically on the “bubble spot.” Is this a stressful situation to be in or are you confident that you’ll hold on to your spot?

Anything can happen, but I'm going to work as hard as possible to hold on to my spot. I'm in a good state of mind right now and it doesn't make me feel stressed - it just motivates me to keep doing the right things.

Is it a pretty big deal in Costa Rica that you will most likely compete in The Olympics?

Oh, yeah. The whole country knows about it. Everyone here supports me - it's one of the good things about being from a small country. As I mentioned, there aren't many Olympic medalists here, so people are pumped!

What sort of training are you doing off of your bike?

I've been hitting the gym three or four times a week, pedaling the MTB, running at least once a week, and every other type of exercise that can help me to be in good shape. I'm also doing recovery sessions every night with boots and massages. 

Are you doing anything special to make sure you stay healthy?

I am just making sure my body has enough water, vitamins, and protein to recover as quickly as possible. Also, the Olympic team in Costa Rica has been sending a physiotherapist to me twice a week to check on my body and help with the recovery nights I've been doing.

What’s the latest with your brand, Kymar?

I am mainly focus on riding, but my wife has been taking care of it. It's definitely growing everyday - slowly, but solid for the future 

I heard a rumor you have a credit card sponsor. What’s up with that?

Yeah. So sick! I joined Team VISA at the end of the last year and we have been working on many worldwide commercials. I am getting amazing support for the many expenses I have every competition. 

Does this coronavirus situation have you stressed out?

Yeah. It's been a little crazy. I normally have a plan for every event weeks before, but so many of them are postponed. I am just making sure I stay safe and keep riding.

Do you see some of these qualification events getting cancelled or postponed as a bad thing or a good thing that will help you hang on to your spot?

I really wanted to ride these events. I've been getting ready for this. I want to deserve it, but this definitely helps me hold my spot.

Leading up to The Olympics, what are your plans?

I will try to keep competing, traveling to different parks, enjoying the process, and working hard - on and off of the bike.

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