Kriss Kyle Conquers Dubai in Insane New Video 3

When Kriss Kyle goes all in on a video project, you know it's going to be something special. This new piece from veteran BMX filmmaker Matty Lambert and Red Bull features Kriss riding one of the world's most iconic cities in a way that has never been done before. From helicopters to waterslides, Kriss takes over Dubai in what he feels is the number one project of his career.

Watch, have your mind blown, and check out an interview we did with Kriss to learn a bit more about the madness - 

Congrats on the new project. How did this whole thing come about?

When Red Bull and I were discussing a possible video, we thought about going to Dubai and recording a normal street video, and I thought fair enough - that’ll be brilliant. Then, when we were in Dubai on a recce and they were showing us all these amazing locations, I wondered how far we could push it and what we could get away with. Next thing you know, we’re up on a helipad and they’re asking "Do you think you can do anything up here?" I was like "I don’t know -  probably not, but I guess I could jump out of a helicopter and land on the roof." They all kind of laughed it off thinking that would be amazing if you could actually make that happen. Then, two weeks after flying home, I got an e-mail saying, it’s on! I’ve literally spent a whole year sweating that helicopter jump - thinking about what I have gotten myself into. I’m actually scared of heights. They terrify me! The waterparks have always been a huge dream of mine to actually ride. When I was a kid going down flumes, I’d always imagine riding them dry and thinking it would be amazing. So, to have that okayed, I knew it was growing much bigger than what I initially anticipated.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is so iconic! If we were going to go anywhere, I think it had to be Dubai first because of the resources and their ability to make everything possible. I don’t know of any other city in the world where we could get a helicopter and then jump out of it, as well as ride water parks and have everything shut down for us.

Was this your first time there?

Yes. I had to do a recce beforehand, though.

What do you think of the city?

I think it’s amazing. I’d heard a lot of stuff about the city and a lot of people gave me mixed reviews, but i think it's such an amazing place. I mean, it’s built in the middle of a desert and its just crazy flying in there. It’s such a clean place. The people are really nice. I would go back there on holiday. My fiance and I actually had a holiday there after we finished filming. I’d highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to go on holiday. They look after you really well and they’ve got some great skateparks.

How many days of shooting went into this project?

I was there for two weeks, but we had ten days of shooting.

Matty Lambert has been one of the top video guys in the BMX world for over a decade now. What was it like working with him on this project?

I’ve known Matty for years now and I’ve worked with him on quite a few projects, so it’s great to work with someone that you know is good and will make your riding stand out and show it the way it should be. When I found out Matty was doing it, I was so stoked and also relieved that I wouldn’t be working with some guy who didn’t know how to catch this trick from that way and didn't know my riding. Matty and I work great together as a team. I’m ready when he’s ready and he’s ready when I’m ready. I’m over the moon that I got to film this with him and I can’t wait to see what projects we might be able to work on together in the future.

Whose idea was the helicopter?

It was my idea!

Was that a terrifying experience?

It was absolutely insane! The flying up there was the scariest part, as I’m strapped to the outside of it and I had to get unclipped as soon as we got above the helipad. As I'm getting un-clipped I have a moment where I think that I could just drop and slide down the face of the building and just die. So when Matt - the Red Bull athlete manager - was unclipping me, I was just trying to lean back as much as I could. The pilot was also telling me what to do in the unlikely case that we went down and we had rescue boats waiting for us in the water. It was absolutely mental! You can see in the video that, when the helicopter flies in, it is all over the place. It’s kind of wobbling around, so I had to tense my arms and try to hold the bike a different way because the downwash from the helicopter was that bad. I was trying to maneuver the bike round but, for some reason, the bike wanted to get sucked away sideways. It was horrible. When I hit that second jump, I was smiling so much. I’ve never been happier. As soon as I took off for the second jump, I knew that I’d done it and I was just smiling and thinking "Oh my god!” Then, when I landed, I was mobbed by all the boys. It was such a crazy feeling.

I’m assuming you had to have pulled the drop out of the copter first go. Am I correct?

Yeah. First go.

Did they have ramp builders down there or did you have to bring guys from home?

I brought the guys from home. We probably could’ve had guys from out there, but I really like working with my team. They were the same guys that built the ramps for Kaleidoscope and I work with them on a regular basis, so if I want anything changed at all, they’ll do it - no questions. You need a good team that you can rely on!

What’s the story with the waterslides? How’d you end up riding there?

It’s been a dream of mine to ride a waterpark - especially after seeing a few people breaking into waterparks and filming it on YouTube. To actually get the permission to go in there, have the water turned off, and be able to recce the flumes was absolutely incredible. The waterpark was my idea as well. When we were flying out there, I was saying to Matt that it would be amazing if we could ride the water parks that Dubai is known for. They’re the best ones in the world. It was incredible to be able to bless my tires on that.

Did you have Dubai’s blessing to ride the street stuff in the video or was that classic hit-and-run style?

On this one it was completely different from the usual hit-and-run away from security. On this one, we actually had security guards with us making sure that we were alright and that other people weren’t getting in our way. I really liked it that way. I wish we could do it every time.

That dish at the end - was that a random find? Was it not made to ride? It looks perfect.

That set up was actually in the hotel that we were staying in. It was really random how we found it. We just walked around it one day and I thought it would be great to ride it. It was just a big chair with big cushions in it and we asked the hotel if we could ride it. I couldn’t believe that it was actually in our hotel and that it worked out so well.

What was the scariest clip in the video to get done?

The helicopter for sure. It was hands down the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

What’s your personal favorite clip in the video?

Probably the flare on the Restrictor flume just because you can see how small I am in comparison to the waterpark ride. I really like that shot. Obviously, the helicopter shot is amazing, but for some reason I really like that one.

As far as your favorite video projects of your career, where does this one rank?

Number one for sure!

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Planning more projects and then I’ve got another huge project at the end of this year, which will be my biggest one yet and hopefully my new number one video! Basically, I just want to push the limits more and more!



28 January 2019 - What’s the best way to conquer a lifelong fear of heights? For Scottish BMX star Kriss Kyle, throwing yourself out of a helicopter is one way of doing it. The unique attempt is the first in riders’ latest edit which sees him turn the unique architecture of Dubai into a giant BMX park. 

Opening with a huge cityscape shot, we see Kriss leaning out of a helicopter as he approaches the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, one of the world’s tallest hotels and most unique buildings. We then see him jumping 14 feet from the helicopter – 720 feet up – and onto a helipad on top of the hotel, before immediately tackling a second equally daring drop and heading into the building itself.

Kriss then makes his way throughout Dubai, which sees him flying down the twisting slides of the Wild Wadi Waterpark, flipping through the grounds of the Burj Khalifa before finally hopping onto a moving boat as he leaves the city behind.

Due to the extreme nature of the stunt, Kriss only had one shot at making the helicopter jump work. Despite practising for months on smaller jumps, factors including wind, thermals and Kriss’ crippling fear of heights meant that it was literally down to one take to make it work.

On completing the jump, Kriss said: “We actually planned to film the jump the day before. But due a rare weather system at the time we planned the jump, we were forced to reschedule the attempt to the following day. Sadly that meant for another sleepless night for me! Working on a Red Bull edit always means you get to challenge what’s possible and this was no different. I can’t thank Dubai Tourism enough for opening their doors and helping us make this film possible.”

Credit: Red Bull / Matty Lambert
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