Levi's® Clip of the Week - Corey Martinez Bio Q&A 28

Levi's® pro Corey Martinez answers questions from Vital members.

Credit: Levi's®
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  • rcbthree

    5/3/2010 9:53 AM

    haha thats me getting the dvd

  • seanthesheep5-0

    12/3/2009 8:15 PM

    your bread id awsome!!! ha lol

  • triviumchick

    11/13/2009 1:01 PM

    nice Q &A corey looking fine as always so is your riding =]

  • RustyBraces

    11/8/2009 8:25 PM

    how do or were do you ask questions

  • glenn37216

    11/5/2009 5:04 PM

    Nashville'S CWC park ! Cory's riding has to be seen in person to really appreciate how smooth he is . I see him quite often at our local skateparks... 6th ave and Concrete wave country.. Non-stop balls-to-the-wall everytime he rides. He's got a great attitude as well.

  • alexcepeda

    11/4/2009 6:42 PM

    Poor guy! they put tht Bread Guy on blast! hahahah

  • mfreestyle_2000

    11/4/2009 12:05 AM

    Awesome question and answers

  • TroyThePenguin

    11/3/2009 11:13 PM

    So American!!!!!!!!!!

  • RedEndo

    11/3/2009 7:48 PM

    That was an extremely interesting comment at the end about health insurance. Also liked the comment about not running a peg for safety reasons. Smart dude.

  • i_ride_a_bike :P

    11/3/2009 7:03 PM

    he answered mah question!!!
    lol, my mom says hi back.

  • Fbm Marauder

    11/3/2009 5:18 PM

    looks like fuckin chubaca with the beard.

  • squiddy.

    11/3/2009 2:16 PM

    Corey is my favorite rider. So clean and stylish, seems like a cool person too. Gnarly beardd.

  • ReaperBMX

    11/3/2009 1:44 PM

    yes got mine answered haha

  • ferthebirdz

    11/3/2009 1:29 PM

    i cant watch this shit im at work!..did he ask my question at all?..i thinnk it was about his big burly gnar man beard!

  • supra

    11/3/2009 12:06 PM

    that beard is sick

  • sethvarga

    11/3/2009 10:16 AM

    Thats beard is freaking SWEET!!!

  • BmxKyle6669

    11/3/2009 8:51 AM

    one of my favorite riders sick q&a video

  • Mr woods

    11/3/2009 8:18 AM

    you're so scary
    cut this off

  • Tubby Custard

    11/3/2009 8:15 AM

    My Favourite Rider Soooo Real !

  • ScottP

    11/3/2009 8:11 AM

    thats a gnarly Novembeard

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