Levi's® Clip of the Week: San Francisco 14

Morgan Wade, Jamie Bestwick, Anthony Napolitan, and Corey Martinez shred parks and street around San Francisco.

Credit: Levi's
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  • bmxryder705

    9/9/2007 3:06 AM

    lol good call peter g

  • Peter G

    9/8/2007 3:36 PM

    Morganific, Napolitainate, Martinezation, Bestwickification

  • dan7777777

    9/7/2007 9:11 AM

    Morgan Wade is groovy,He is may favorite Rider Because of his Uber pwnage and his swell airs. Morgan U are sweLL

  • Tony Naked

    9/5/2007 7:33 PM

    that was a fun day

  • trendy

    9/4/2007 5:19 PM

    yeah that was nice, real nice

  • srbmx

    9/4/2007 5:16 PM

    too bad theres no footy of all the other hella good spots in SF. whateva

  • Patrick SJ

    9/4/2007 1:42 PM

    haha, i cant tell who's morgan and who's anthony. both have long flowing hair and i cant tell the difference

  • ConspiracyStepUp

    9/4/2007 12:54 PM

    dude got his footjams pretty good. i gotta perfect mine to be like his, i keep landing on my frame, anybody got any advice?

  • foxrider18

    9/4/2007 10:42 AM

    Awesome video, we need a few more like that just a bit longer.

  • udir510

    9/4/2007 8:50 AM

    all those park clips are in berkeley, not sf, but no bigge, NOR*CAL

  • barspin360

    9/4/2007 7:58 AM

    love the backflip to fakie

  • FOXX

    9/4/2007 7:38 AM


  • bmx101

    9/4/2007 6:25 AM

    soooo good sick clip

  • TimothyAlexander

    9/4/2007 5:56 AM

    fiiirrrrrrrrrst;D nice clip

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