Levi's® Clip of the Week - System Cycles Ramps Session 24

Levi's® team riders Morgan Wade, Jeremiah Smith, Anthony & Ronnie Napolitan session the ramps at System Cycles in Dayton, Ohio.

Credit: Levi's®
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  • imasianbmx

    5/30/2010 6:54 PM

    sweet guys! nice vid

  • hates2w8

    9/10/2009 10:07 AM


  • ryan allbaugh

    8/20/2009 1:52 PM

    ronnie, anthony and morgan came to my local park earlier this summer and were all super chill dudes. all three of them did things real good stuff. anthony did one of the craziest front flips i've ever seen...i hope those pictures show up sometime soon

  • TrickMoneyGoonz

    8/20/2009 12:19 PM

    fuckin clean ridin

  • Benjamin Desjardins

    8/20/2009 7:00 AM

    nice video!! they make it look so easy

  • jonbnbmx

    8/19/2009 1:13 AM

    nice vid!!!! havent seen much of ronnie but he looks veryvery skilled!

  • jeffalbert

    8/18/2009 8:16 PM

    3 invert was epic

  • FurmundaOnYourBike777

    8/18/2009 7:33 PM

    You didn't see Nathan? The Yellow bike dou.

  • JamesRidesVerde

    8/18/2009 2:37 PM

    Watched this before park, ahah. Sick video

  • manve

    8/18/2009 1:29 PM

    didnt see nathan... what the fuck is the point??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • EasternBmxNC

    8/18/2009 12:33 PM

    bmx world watch out ronnie's comin

  • jimonbike

    8/18/2009 9:19 AM

    i think i need to kidnap brett and make him take me there lol ,sweet vid

  • mangler

    8/18/2009 8:18 AM

    solid 5 stars. i've give it a 69 if i could!

  • bmx ryan

    8/18/2009 3:09 AM

    Yeahh Miah You Beast !

  • EG1

    8/18/2009 12:38 AM

    jeremiah is the best of these riders but anthony is great too ^^

  • iBike

    8/17/2009 11:08 PM

    tailwhip to icepick was awesome

  • JONJON77

    8/17/2009 10:43 PM

    Jeremiah is from another planet sick riding dude

  • abod

    8/17/2009 10:20 PM

    skateparks should make step ups like that. except a mellower landing. that would be ALOT more fun then a huge euro gap like incline clubs. and the vid was good btw.

  • Wolfen

    8/17/2009 10:03 PM

    The Flyin' Lion!

  • iMaddog9

    8/17/2009 9:47 PM

    that was good.!