Levi's® Tilly's Demo 37

Jamie Bestwick, Morgan Wade, Dakota Roche, Brett Walker, Nathan Williamns, Ron Thomas, and Zack Warden rip some ramps to pieces.

Credit: Levi's
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  • dorsey

    8/30/2008 2:51 AM

    this is a bad ass video, but i think it could've used more nathan williams clips. but other than that everyone is riding good as always

  • nathan martinez yo!

    8/28/2008 1:07 PM

    that fackie three thing is called a g-turn lurn your tricks.

  • Alex ♥

    8/27/2008 8:24 PM

    mannnnnnnnng, i

  • manve

    8/17/2008 4:27 AM

    awesome team.bad quality video.does nathan williams do footjam whip with the other foot usually, or is he just so fucking awesome he can do it with the wrong foot to such a big subbox??:Oand did morgan wade change his pants mid session or who was that?:D

  • g-rett

    8/15/2008 11:29 AM

    tillys isnt a sick shop.....its just a clothing store

  • bikerider2k8

    8/15/2008 8:23 AM

    nathan williams is so neat

  • foxrider18

    8/13/2008 12:31 PM

    Nicwe riding

  • bmxsluts

    8/12/2008 6:10 AM

    nathan williams

  • Mr Wilson

    8/12/2008 12:30 AM

    big names big trick's nice little park 2

  • Mirracorider299

    8/11/2008 8:10 PM

    Nice riding!

  • pierre-bzd

    8/11/2008 5:21 AM

    wow the 360 on the spine and the 450.


    8/10/2008 10:54 PM

    go brakeless...BrokenMemoryB.M.X

  • Bethers4130

    8/10/2008 10:37 PM

    Yes!!! I was stuck doing demo's in SLC and was unable to attend these events... However, I am very excited to see my ramps here on Vital. Thanks to Levi's, Tilly's, Creative Sports, & my crew here in the 801 for making it happen!

  • TrentRiot91

    8/10/2008 10:26 PM

    The levi's team is so badass, there all top riders.
    Sick 270 to double peg!

  • freecoaster bmx

    8/10/2008 10:24 PM


  • chrisbarness22

    8/10/2008 9:15 PM

    It's awesome how they are bringing back the team demos! Better than a comp and more relaxed! People can see what you can do and the sponsors get better exposure too! Works for everyone! I love BMX! Ride what you ride and shut ya trap all you haters! Just ride!

  • dk bikes

    8/10/2008 8:42 PM

    downside whip transfer gnarly~

  • JustRideBMX

    8/10/2008 6:53 PM

    360 to double peg was nasty

  • gimmickbmx

    8/10/2008 5:47 PM

    fakie nose three! and downside whip transfer! and the five over the spine! corey martinez is such a hoss

  • www.Hoffman4ever.nerd

    8/10/2008 4:53 PM


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